Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1BC Boomerangs BASHUnderdogs Flyball Speed of LightningR14
2Scallywags Arrr You Ready?Bad Company Four On The FloorR15
3Skidmarkz Bring the NoiseOutrun VERTICAL ChallengeM4
4Syracuse Orange CrushRuff Position Tastes like chickenO7
5SWAT "Speed With AttiTude" TacticsWoodlawn Woofers UntouchaballsR11
6Spring Loaded WYD 2.0NAFA Ghost RegR1
7All Revd Up Burning Rubber5280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidM3
8Run Free Run RapidDogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsR5
9Animal Inn JinxOmaha Speed Racers NadaR3
10Bitches Be Crazy No FilterCanine Dirt Diggers TopsoilR2
11New River Rapids Without A PaddleRapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirO5
12Carolina Overdrive All Makes-N-ModelsThat's So Fetch The Breakfast ClubM4
13BC Boomerangs KIWISHappily Evfur After Furry TalesO6
14Skidmarkz Silent But DeadlyCeltic Mayhem MayhemR1
15Fayetteville Freedom Flyers JumpMastersFrenzyed Flyers HueysO8
16Manic Menagerie Cirque BarkzerkTurbo Paws DownforceO5
17Focused Frenzy Flyball (F3) FixationFur Fun Fee Fi Fo FunR9
18Party Barkers Sexy and I Bark ItSWAT "Speed With AttiTude" Extreme FireO3
19Spring Loaded AMZGAll Revd Up TailspinR4
20Obsessed K-9's ManiacsOmaha Speed Racers StevieR16
21Patriot Flyball DefenseBarkaholic's Yappy HourR10
22K-9 Kamikazes WingmuttsAnimal Inn IconR5
23Zoom! MulNAFA Ghost MulM5
24Agents of Chaos AnarchyBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESO9
25That's So Fetch Bring It On!Celtic Mayhem Lucky CharmsR10
26Hard Drive Muscle SpasmSkidmarkz Barking SpidersO1
27Ruff Position Smells like tunaSmashville Speedsters One TimerR11
28Fur in a Blur CycloneAlamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersO4
29New River Express DerailedDixie Flyers On VacationO8
30Run Free Run HardLAUNCH Zoom!R3
31Hairier Jump Jets Final ApproachSynergetic Surge CircuitR13
32Go Dog Go One Pup Two PupsHeads or Tails TailfeathersM5
33Animal Inn MarvelFur Fun Formula FunR2
34Canine Dirt Diggers SharknadoNAFA Ghost OpenO2
35BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSTwo-Lane Highway Road TripR15
36Makin' Trax - LocomotiveCeltic Mayhem ShenanigansR4
37Outrun Jump On ItSkidmarkz Loud & ProudR7
38Turbo Paws PowertrainNew River Rapids Up The CreekR9
39RUSH! XcelerationBad Company Rock SteadyO3
40Dixie Flyers BarnstormersSyracuse Orange CrushO7
41Spring Loaded PB&JLAUNCH Warp SpeedO2
42Patriot Flyball OffenseBitches Be Crazy UnhingedR6
43That's So Fetch Almost FamousSWAT "Speed With AttiTude" TacticsR11
44Fur Fun Fee Fi Fo FunRun Free Run WildR9
45Animal Inn ShineNAFA GhostM1
46BC Boomerangs COBBERSScallywags Arrr You Ready?R15
47Big Orange Blast Orange CrushCarolina Overdrive High OctaneR13
48No Speed Limit - Light SpeedHappily Evfur After Wicked WaggersR14
49Party Barkers Sorry for Party BarkingAll Revd Up BlastersR8
50Manic Menagerie We're All Mad HereRUSH! MixologyM2
51Dixie Flyers No Landing GearHeads or Tails Full Speed AheadR12
52Skidmarkz Fire in The HoleSpring Loaded WYD 2.0R1
53Turbo Paws DownforceRapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirO5
54Celtic Mayhem Twisted LeprechaunsBad Company Shooting StarsO1
55Omaha Speed Racers StevieFrenzyed Flyers JetsR16
56Obsessed K-9's LunaticsThat's So Fetch Bring It On!R10
57BC Boomerangs BASHRuffin' Tuff Ruff RacersR14
58Diamonds in the Ruff Flash PointAnimal Inn JinxR3
59Syracuse Blue CrushFur Fun Fur PlayM3
60LAUNCH VoyagersK-9 Kamikazes HotshotsM2
61Go Dog Go To the Boxes We GoAlamo Racing Canines Jalapeľo PuppersR8
62Fur in a Blur Cyclone5280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzO4
63Breakaway Flyball VelocitySkidmarkz Barking SpidersO1
64Smashville Speedsters Light the LampRun Free Run RapidR5
65Hard Drive Whip It GoodAll Revd Up TailspinR4
66Celtic Mayhem ShenanigansSpring Loaded AMZGR4
67Happily Evfur After Furry TalesHairier Jump Jets Max AltitudeO6
68Woodlawn Woofers WoofitsBC Boomerangs MATESO9
69Canine Dirt Diggers TopsoilSynergetic Surge RechargeR2
70Outrun VERTICAL ChallengeCarolina Overdrive All Makes-N-ModelsM4
71Fayetteville Freedom Flyers JumpMastersScallywags Flying PiratesO8
72NAFA Ghost OpenRUSH! AdrenalineO2
73DogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsK-9 Kamikazes WingmuttsR5
74Skidmarkz Bring the NoiseAnimal Inn MedleyM4
75SWAT "Speed With AttiTude" Extreme FireMakin' Trax - The caboose is looseO3
76Bad Company Rock SteadyParty Barkers Sexy and I Bark ItO3
77Turbo Paws MotorPawsObsessed K-9's ManiacsR16
78Zoom! RegDixie Flyers No Landing GearR12
79BC Boomerangs KIWISPatriot Flyball Special TeamsO6
80Run Free Run WildFocused Frenzy Flyball (F3) FixationR9
81Diamonds in the Ruff GemsSyracuse Power PlayR12
82Omaha Speed Racers HeloSpring Loaded TNGM1
83New River Rapids Up The CreekFur Fun Fee Fi Fo FunR9
84NAFA Ghost Opn-2Manic Menagerie Cirque BarkzerkO5
85RUSH! MixologySkidmarkz Pull My FingerM2
86Ruff Position Smells like tunaThat's So Fetch Almost FamousR11
87Animal Inn TotoSynergetic Surge CircuitR13
88Obsessed K-9's FanaticsQuick Silver A to ZO7
89Heads or Tails TailfeathersPacific Pups MavericksM5
90BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESFrenzyed Flyers DronesO9
91Ruffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffAll Revd Up Burning RubberM3
92Hard Drive Muscle SpasmCeltic Mayhem Twisted LeprechaunsO1
93Spring Loaded MVPsOutrun Jump On ItR7
94Smashville Speedsters One TimerWoodlawn Woofers UntouchaballsR11
95NAFA GhostFur Fun Faux FurM1
96Alamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersMutter Chaos STFU GreenO4
97Fur in a Blur Gale ForceParty Barkers Sorry for Party BarkingR8
98That's So Fetch The PlasticsSkidmarkz Get Crackin'R7
99Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildOmaha Speed Racers MisterR6
100Bitches Be Crazy UnhingedSilver Streaks KaboomR6
101Bad Company Four On The FloorBC Boomerangs COBBERSR15
102Animal Inn JinxLAUNCH Zoom!R3
103Dixie Flyers On VacationFrenzyed Flyers HueysO8
104Scallywags Flying PiratesNew River Express DerailedO8
105Happily Evfur After Furry TalesDroolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltO6
106Underdogs Flyball Speed of LightningNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR14
107RUSH! AdrenalineSpring Loaded PB&JO2
108Carolina Overdrive High OctaneHairier Jump Jets Final ApproachR13
109NAFA Ghost RegSkidmarkz Silent But DeadlyR1
110Turbo Paws DownforceNew River Rapids Without A PaddleO5
111Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeFur in a Blur CycloneO4
112BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSOmaha Speed Racers StevieR16
113Bitches Be Crazy No FilterAnimal Inn MarvelR2
114Barkaholic's Yappy HourObsessed K-9's LunaticsR10
115Patriot Flyball DefenseThat's So Fetch Bring It On!R10
116Pacific Pups MavericksGo Dog Go One Pup Two PupsM5
117Synergetic Surge RechargeFur Fun Formula FunR2
118Alamo Racing Canines Jalapeľo PuppersAll Revd Up BlastersR8
119Heads or Tails Full Speed AheadSyracuse Power PlayR12
120Makin' Trax - LocomotiveHard Drive Whip It GoodR4
121Celtic Mayhem MayhemSkidmarkz Fire in The HoleR1
122Happily Evfur After Wicked WaggersBC Boomerangs BASHR14
123Omaha Speed Racers NadaRun Free Run HardR3
124Woodlawn Woofers WoofitsAgents of Chaos AnarchyO9
125Animal Inn IconSmashville Speedsters Light the LampR5
126NAFA Ghost OpenLAUNCH Warp SpeedO2
127Silver Streaks KaboomAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR6
128Dixie Flyers No Landing GearDiamonds in the Ruff GemsR12
129K-9 Kamikazes HotshotsRUSH! MixologyM2
130Spring Loaded MVPsThat's So Fetch The PlasticsR7
131All Revd Up Burning RubberFur Fun Fur PlayM3
132Two-Lane Highway Road TripScallywags Arrr You Ready?R15
133SWAT "Speed With AttiTude" Extreme FireBad Company Rock SteadyO3
134Frenzyed Flyers DronesBC Boomerangs MATESO9
135Obsessed K-9's FanaticsRuff Position Tastes like chickenO7
136Turbo Paws PowertrainRun Free Run WildR9
137LAUNCH VoyagersSkidmarkz Pull My FingerM2
138Quick Silver A to ZSyracuse Orange CrushO7
139Animal Inn TotoBig Orange Blast Orange CrushR13
140Makin' Trax - The caboose is looseRUSH! XcelerationO3
141Celtic Mayhem Twisted LeprechaunsBreakaway Flyball VelocityO1
142NAFA GhostSpring Loaded TNGM1
143Synergetic Surge CircuitCarolina Overdrive High OctaneR13
1445280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzMutter Chaos STFU GreenO4
145Hairier Jump Jets Max AltitudeBC Boomerangs KIWISO6
146Bitches Be Crazy UnhingedOmaha Speed Racers MisterR6
147Party Barkers Sorry for Party BarkingGo Dog Go To the Boxes We GoR8
148That's So Fetch The Breakfast ClubSkidmarkz Bring the NoiseM4
149Happily Evfur After Wicked WaggersRuffin' Tuff Ruff RacersR14
150Patriot Flyball Special TeamsDroolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltO6
151Alamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO4
152Fur Fun Faux FurAnimal Inn ShineM1
153Heads or Tails TailfeathersZoom! MulM5
154Diamonds in the Ruff Flash PointRun Free Run HardR3
155Pacific Pups MavericksNAFA Ghost MulM5
156SWAT "Speed With AttiTude" TacticsRuff Position Smells like tunaR11
157BC Boomerangs COBBERSBC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSR15
158Celtic Mayhem MayhemSpring Loaded WYD 2.0R1
159Dixie Flyers On VacationFayetteville Freedom Flyers JumpMastersO8
160Skidmarkz Loud & ProudSkidmarkz Get Crackin'R7
161Turbo Paws MotorPawsFrenzyed Flyers JetsR16
162Patriot Flyball OffenseAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR6
163Animal Inn IconDogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsR5
164RUSH! AdrenalineCanine Dirt Diggers SharknadoO2
1655280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidSyracuse Blue CrushM3
166LAUNCH Zoom!Omaha Speed Racers NadaR3
167Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirNAFA Ghost Opn-2O5
168Obsessed K-9's ManiacsBC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSR16
169Outrun Jump On ItThat's So Fetch The PlasticsR7
170All Revd Up TailspinMakin' Trax - LocomotiveR4
171Skidmarkz Silent But DeadlySkidmarkz Fire in The HoleR1
172Bad Company Shooting StarsHard Drive Muscle SpasmO1
173Quick Silver A to ZDixie Flyers BarnstormersO7
174Zoom! RegDiamonds in the Ruff GemsR12
175Fur in a Blur Gale ForceAlamo Racing Canines Jalapeľo PuppersR8
176Animal Inn MarvelSynergetic Surge RechargeR2
177Omaha Speed Racers MisterSilver Streaks KaboomR6
178Ruffin' Tuff Ruff RacersNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR14
179Smashville Speedsters Light the LampK-9 Kamikazes WingmuttsR5
180Woodlawn Woofers UntouchaballsThat's So Fetch Almost FamousR11
181Frenzyed Flyers HueysNew River Express DerailedO8
182Skidmarkz Pull My FingerManic Menagerie We're All Mad HereM2
183Fur Fun Formula FunCanine Dirt Diggers TopsoilR2
184Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash Freeze5280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzO4
185BC Boomerangs MATESAgents of Chaos AnarchyO9
186Party Barkers Sexy and I Bark ItRUSH! XcelerationO3
187Hairier Jump Jets Final ApproachAnimal Inn TotoR13
188NAFA Ghost MulGo Dog Go One Pup Two PupsM5
189Barkaholic's Yappy HourCeltic Mayhem Lucky CharmsR10
190Patriot Flyball Special TeamsHappily Evfur After Furry TalesO6
191Syracuse Power PlayDixie Flyers No Landing GearR12
192Bad Company Four On The FloorTwo-Lane Highway Road TripR15
193Zoom! MulPacific Pups MavericksM5
194Fur Fun Fur PlayRuffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffM3
195Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildBitches Be Crazy UnhingedR6
196Skidmarkz Get Crackin'Spring Loaded MVPsR7
197RUSH! MixologyLAUNCH VoyagersM2
198Frenzyed Flyers JetsBC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSR16
199Focused Frenzy Flyball (F3) FixationTurbo Paws PowertrainR9
200Animal Inn MedleyCarolina Overdrive All Makes-N-ModelsM4
201New River Rapids Without A PaddleNAFA Ghost Opn-2O5
202Syracuse Orange CrushObsessed K-9's FanaticsO7
203All Revd Up TailspinCeltic Mayhem ShenanigansR4
204Silver Streaks KaboomPatriot Flyball OffenseR6
205Omaha Speed Racers NadaDiamonds in the Ruff Flash PointR3
206Ruff Position Tastes like chickenQuick Silver A to ZO7
207Canine Dirt Diggers SharknadoSpring Loaded PB&JO2
208Skidmarkz Barking SpidersBad Company Shooting StarsO1
209LAUNCH Warp SpeedRUSH! AdrenalineO2
210Ruffin' Tuff Ruff RacersUnderdogs Flyball Speed of LightningR14
211Scallywags Arrr You Ready?BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSR15
212Run Free Run RapidAnimal Inn IconR5
213Droolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltHairier Jump Jets Max AltitudeO6
214Go Dog Go To the Boxes We GoFur in a Blur Gale ForceR8
215Smashville Speedsters One TimerSWAT "Speed With AttiTude" TacticsR11
216Heads or Tails Full Speed AheadZoom! RegR12
217Mutter Chaos STFU GreenAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO4
218That's So Fetch The Breakfast ClubOutrun VERTICAL ChallengeM4
219Skidmarkz Fire in The HoleNAFA Ghost RegR1
2205280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzAlamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersO4
221K-9 Kamikazes HotshotsManic Menagerie We're All Mad HereM2
222Spring Loaded TNGFur Fun Faux FurM1
223Animal Inn ShineOmaha Speed Racers HeloM1
224Run Free Run WildNew River Rapids Up The CreekR9
225Makin' Trax - The caboose is looseParty Barkers Sexy and I Bark ItO3
226BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSTurbo Paws MotorPawsR16
227Frenzyed Flyers DronesWoodlawn Woofers WoofitsO9
228Celtic Mayhem Lucky CharmsPatriot Flyball DefenseR10
229Synergetic Surge CircuitBig Orange Blast Orange CrushR13
230That's So Fetch The PlasticsSkidmarkz Loud & ProudR7
231RUSH! XcelerationSWAT "Speed With AttiTude" Extreme FireO3
232Syracuse Blue CrushAll Revd Up Burning RubberM3
233Scallywags Flying PiratesDixie Flyers On VacationO8
234Hard Drive Whip It GoodSpring Loaded AMZGR4
235New River Express DerailedFayetteville Freedom Flyers JumpMastersO8
236Canine Dirt Diggers TopsoilAnimal Inn MarvelR2
237BC Boomerangs MATESBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESO9
2385280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidRuffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffM3
239NAFA Ghost MulHeads or Tails TailfeathersM5
240Go Dog Go One Pup Two PupsZoom! MulM5
241Skidmarkz Barking SpidersCeltic Mayhem Twisted LeprechaunsO1
242Alamo Racing Canines Jalapeľo PuppersParty Barkers Sorry for Party BarkingR8
243Fur Fun Formula FunBitches Be Crazy No FilterR2
244DogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsSmashville Speedsters Light the LampR5
245Dixie Flyers BarnstormersObsessed K-9's FanaticsO7
246Woodlawn Woofers UntouchaballsRuff Position Smells like tunaR11
247Outrun VERTICAL ChallengeAnimal Inn MedleyM4
248BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSBad Company Four On The FloorR15
249All Revd Up BlastersFur in a Blur Gale ForceR8
250Omaha Speed Racers MisterPatriot Flyball OffenseR6
251Breakaway Flyball VelocityHard Drive Muscle SpasmO1
252Spring Loaded PB&JNAFA Ghost OpenO2
253Manic Menagerie Cirque BarkzerkNew River Rapids Without A PaddleO5
254Carolina Overdrive All Makes-N-ModelsSkidmarkz Bring the NoiseM4
255Fur Fun Fee Fi Fo FunTurbo Paws PowertrainR9
256Agents of Chaos AnarchyFrenzyed Flyers DronesO9
257LAUNCH Zoom!Diamonds in the Ruff Flash PointR3
258That's So Fetch Bring It On!Barkaholic's Yappy HourR10
259Run Free Run HardAnimal Inn JinxR3
260Underdogs Flyball Speed of LightningHappily Evfur After Wicked WaggersR14
261Celtic Mayhem Lucky CharmsObsessed K-9's LunaticsR10
262Hairier Jump Jets Max AltitudePatriot Flyball Special TeamsO6
263Two-Lane Highway Road TripBC Boomerangs COBBERSR15
264Bad Company Rock SteadyMakin' Trax - The caboose is looseO3
265Spring Loaded WYD 2.0Skidmarkz Silent But DeadlyR1
266Fur Fun Faux FurOmaha Speed Racers HeloM1
267NAFA Ghost Opn-2Turbo Paws DownforceO5
268Manic Menagerie We're All Mad HereLAUNCH VoyagersM2
269That's So Fetch Almost FamousSmashville Speedsters One TimerR11
270K-9 Kamikazes WingmuttsRun Free Run RapidR5
271Ruffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffSyracuse Blue CrushM3
272Frenzyed Flyers JetsObsessed K-9's ManiacsR16
273Carolina Overdrive High OctaneAnimal Inn TotoR13
274Droolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltBC Boomerangs KIWISO6
275Ruff Position Tastes like chickenDixie Flyers BarnstormersO7
276Skidmarkz Loud & ProudSpring Loaded MVPsR7
277Mutter Chaos STFU GreenFur in a Blur CycloneO4
278Diamonds in the Ruff GemsHeads or Tails Full Speed AheadR12
279NAFA Ghost RegCeltic Mayhem MayhemR1
280Big Orange Blast Orange CrushHairier Jump Jets Final ApproachR13
281Fur Fun Fur Play5280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidM3
282Omaha Speed Racers StevieTurbo Paws MotorPawsR16
283Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirManic Menagerie Cirque BarkzerkO5
284New River Rapids Up The CreekFocused Frenzy Flyball (F3) FixationR9
285No Speed Limit - Light SpeedBC Boomerangs BASHR14
286Animal Inn MedleyThat's So Fetch The Breakfast ClubM4
287Skidmarkz Get Crackin'Outrun Jump On ItR7
288Spring Loaded AMZGMakin' Trax - LocomotiveR4
289LAUNCH Warp SpeedCanine Dirt Diggers SharknadoO2
290Syracuse Power PlayZoom! RegR12
291Celtic Mayhem ShenanigansHard Drive Whip It GoodR4
292Synergetic Surge RechargeBitches Be Crazy No FilterR2
293Omaha Speed Racers HeloNAFA GhostM1
294Frenzyed Flyers HueysScallywags Flying PiratesO8
295All Revd Up BlastersGo Dog Go To the Boxes We GoR8
296BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESWoodlawn Woofers WoofitsO9
297Obsessed K-9's LunaticsPatriot Flyball DefenseR10
298Skidmarkz Pull My FingerK-9 Kamikazes HotshotsM2
299Bad Company Shooting StarsBreakaway Flyball VelocityO1
300Spring Loaded TNGAnimal Inn ShineM1