Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Bad Company Four On The FloorBC Boomerangs COBBERSR4
2Syracuse Blue CrushSkidmarkz Back DraftO4
3Omaha Speed Racers MAlamo Racing Canines Jalapeno PuppersR2
4Ruffin' Tuff Ruff RacersDixie Flyers No Landing GearR3
55280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzSWAT "Speed With AttiTude" SWAT Rapid FireO4
6Fur Fun Peach FuzzOutrun Jump On ItR1
7Carolina Overdrive High OctaneBC Boomerangs BASHR3
8Turbo Paws DownforceSkidmarkz Tail WindO6
9Agents of Chaos AnarchyPatriot Flyball Special TeamsO8
10Barkaholic's AnonymousDogGoneFast ExhibitionistsO2
11Silver Streaks Blasting capsBad Company Shooting StarsO1
12Scallywags Flying PiratesDixie Flyers On VacationO7
13BC Boomerangs KIWISNew River Express DerailedO7
14Happily Evfur After Furry TalesRapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirO5
15Hard Drive Hold OnSyracuse Orange CrushO3
16Carolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameThat's So Fetch Freaky FridayO5
175280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidRuffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffM1
18Dixie Flyers BarnstormersDroolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltO6
19BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSGo Dog Go To the Boxes We GoR4
20Synergetic Surge AmpedTurbo Paws PowertrainR2
21Bitches Be Crazy Modern VintageMutter Chaos STFU GreenO3
22Spring Loaded PB&JBreakaway Flyball VelocityO1
23No Speed Limit - Light SpeedBad Company Four On The FloorR4
24All Revd Up AfterburnerAlamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersO2
25BC Boomerangs BASHDixie Flyers No Landing GearR3
26DogGoneFast FlashersSyracuse Blue CrushO4
27Outrun Jump On ItAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR1
28Skidmarkz Back DraftSWAT "Speed With AttiTude" SWAT Rapid FireO4
29Synergetic Surge CircuitRuffin' Tuff Ruff RacersR3
30Bad Company Rock SteadyBarkaholic's AnonymousO2
31Zero Gravity FreeFallBC Boomerangs KIWISO7
32Dixie Flyers On VacationNew River Express DerailedO7
33Quick Silver A to ZTurbo Paws DownforceO6
34Omaha Speed Racers MAnimal Inn 401(k)R2
35Canine Dirt Diggers QuicksandCarolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameO5
36NAFA Ghost OpnAgents of Chaos AnarchyO8
37BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESBC Boomerangs MATESO8
38Outrun VERTICAL Challenge5280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidM1
39Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeSyracuse Orange CrushO3
40That's So Fetch Freaky FridayHappily Evfur After Furry TalesO5
41Skidmarkz Tail WindDixie Flyers BarnstormersO6
42Canine Dirt Diggers SharknadoSilver Streaks Blasting capsO1
44Alamo Racing Canines Jalapeno PuppersSynergetic Surge AmpedR2
45Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildFur Fun Peach FuzzR1
46Mutter Chaos STFU GreenHard Drive Hold OnO3
47Bad Company Shooting StarsSpring Loaded PB&JO1
48DogGoneFast ExhibitionistsAll Revd Up AfterburnerO2
49BC Boomerangs KIWISDixie Flyers On VacationO7
50Go Dog Go To the Boxes We GoNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR4
51Droolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltQuick Silver A to ZO6
52Carolina Overdrive High OctaneSynergetic Surge CircuitR3
53Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirCanine Dirt Diggers QuicksandO5
545280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzSkidmarkz Back DraftO4
55BC Boomerangs MATESPatriot Flyball Special TeamsO8
56Ruffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffOutrun VERTICAL ChallengeM1
57Bitches Be Crazy Modern VintageAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO3
58Zero Gravity FreeFallScallywags Flying PiratesO7
59Turbo Paws PowertrainAnimal Inn 401(k)R2
60BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESNAFA Ghost OpnO8
61Alamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersBad Company Rock SteadyO2
62SWAT "Speed With AttiTude" SWAT Rapid FireDogGoneFast FlashersO4
63Silver Streaks Blasting capsBreakaway Flyball VelocityO1
64Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildOutrun Jump On ItR1
65Happily Evfur After Furry TalesCarolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameO5
66BC Boomerangs BASHRuffin' Tuff Ruff RacersR3
67Synergetic Surge AmpedOmaha Speed Racers MR2
68Dixie Flyers BarnstormersTurbo Paws DownforceO6
69Syracuse Orange CrushMutter Chaos STFU GreenO3
70Skidmarkz Tail WindQuick Silver A to ZO6
71Bad Company Shooting StarsCanine Dirt Diggers SharknadoO1
72Go Dog Go To the Boxes We GoBC Boomerangs COBBERSR4
735280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidOutrun VERTICAL ChallengeM1
74Dixie Flyers No Landing GearSynergetic Surge CircuitR3
75All Revd Up AfterburnerBarkaholic's AnonymousO2
76Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeHard Drive Hold OnO3
77BC Boomerangs MATESAgents of Chaos AnarchyO8
78DogGoneFast ExhibitionistsBad Company Rock SteadyO2
79Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirThat's So Fetch Freaky FridayO5
80New River Express DerailedZero Gravity FreeFallO7
81Scallywags Flying PiratesBC Boomerangs KIWISO7
82Fur Fun Peach FuzzAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR1
83Alamo Racing Canines Jalapeno PuppersTurbo Paws PowertrainR2
84Skidmarkz Back DraftDogGoneFast FlashersO4
85Canine Dirt Diggers QuicksandHappily Evfur After Furry TalesO5
86Ruffin' Tuff Ruff RacersCarolina Overdrive High OctaneR3
87BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSBad Company Four On The FloorR4
88Quick Silver A to ZDixie Flyers BarnstormersO6
89Patriot Flyball Special TeamsNAFA Ghost OpnO8
90Syracuse Blue Crush5280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzO4
91Animal Inn 401(k)Synergetic Surge AmpedR2
92Canine Dirt Diggers SharknadoSpring Loaded PB&JO1
93BC Boomerangs COBBERSNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR4
94Mutter Chaos STFU GreenAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO3
95Turbo Paws DownforceDroolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltO6
96Carolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameRapids Intens-A-Flyrs RIF Watch Our Dairy AirO5
97Breakaway Flyball VelocityBad Company Shooting StarsO1
98Ruffin' Tuff Tuff Enuff5280 Spaceballs Gone to PlaidM1
99Agents of Chaos AnarchyBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESO8
100Syracuse Orange CrushBitches Be Crazy Modern VintageO3
101Outrun Jump On ItFur Fun Peach FuzzR1
102Alamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersDogGoneFast ExhibitionistsO2
103Bad Company Rock SteadyAll Revd Up AfterburnerO2
104Synergetic Surge CircuitBC Boomerangs BASHR3
105Dixie Flyers No Landing GearCarolina Overdrive High OctaneR3
106That's So Fetch Freaky FridayCanine Dirt Diggers QuicksandO5
107Turbo Paws PowertrainOmaha Speed Racers MR2
108New River Express DerailedScallywags Flying PiratesO7
109DogGoneFast Flashers5280 Spaceballs Power of the SchwartzO4
110NAFA Ghost OpnBC Boomerangs MATESO8
111Bad Company Four On The FloorGo Dog Go To the Boxes We GoR4
112Dixie Flyers On VacationZero Gravity FreeFallO7
113Animal Inn 401(k)Alamo Racing Canines Jalapeno PuppersR2
114SWAT "Speed With AttiTude" SWAT Rapid FireSyracuse Blue CrushO4
115Droolin Dragsters Kickin AsphaltSkidmarkz Tail WindO6
116No Speed Limit - Light SpeedBC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSR4
117Outrun VERTICAL ChallengeRuffin' Tuff Tuff EnuffM1
118Spring Loaded PB&JSilver Streaks Blasting capsO1
119Breakaway Flyball VelocityCanine Dirt Diggers SharknadoO1
120Barkaholic's AnonymousAlamo Racing Canines Red Hot Chili PuppersO2
121Hard Drive Hold OnBitches Be Crazy Modern VintageO3
122Patriot Flyball Special TeamsBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESO8