Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Geordie RaversNothdene's Next Generation1F
2Goofy GoFoursPrimed to Start 1F
3InnerWolf Up and ComingTrailblazer Explorers1F
4Nothdene's Next GenerationGoofy GoFours1F
5InnerWolf Up and ComingGeordie Ravers1F
6Trailblazer ExplorersPrimed to Start 1F
7Focus on the FutureWaendel Whoopsies2F
8Four Paws 'AvinagoMini Eclipse2F
9Future PhantomsFocus on the Future2F
10Waendel WhoopsiesFour Paws 'Avinago2F
11Mini EclipseFuture Phantoms2F
12Finesse BabiesGoFours Powered By Sausage3F
13Border Patrol (UK)Trailblazer Scouts3F
14Relentless RookiesNuneaton Numpties3F
15GoFours Powered By SausageBorder Patrol (UK)3F
16Relentless RookiesFinesse Babies3F
17Nuneaton NumptiesTrailblazer Scouts3F
18Rusty- GeordieTrigger- Lightning1S
19Nell- FinesseGus- Waggytails1S
20Asher- PhantomsRolo- Molten1S
21Trigger- LightningNell- Finesse1S
22Asher- PhantomsRusty- Geordie1S
23Rolo- MoltenGus- Waggytails1S
24Pip- FinesseMaisie- Geordie 2S
25Nancy- EclipseIndie- GoFours2S
26Elvis- GeordieMaya- Molten2S
27Maisie- Geordie Nancy- Eclipse2S
28Elvis- GeordiePip- Finesse2S
29Maya- MoltenIndie- GoFours2S
30Geordie RaversGoofy GoFours1F
31Primed to Start InnerWolf Up and Coming1F
32Trailblazer ExplorersNothdene's Next Generation1F
33Goofy GoFoursInnerWolf Up and Coming1F
34Geordie RaversTrailblazer Explorers1F
35Nothdene's Next GenerationPrimed to Start 1F
36Four Paws 'AvinagoFocus on the Future2F
37Waendel WhoopsiesFuture Phantoms2F
38Focus on the FutureMini Eclipse2F
39Future PhantomsFour Paws 'Avinago2F
40Mini EclipseWaendel Whoopsies2F
41Finesse BabiesBorder Patrol (UK)3F
42Trailblazer ScoutsRelentless Rookies3F
43Nuneaton NumptiesGoFours Powered By Sausage3F
44Border Patrol (UK)Relentless Rookies3F
45Finesse BabiesNuneaton Numpties3F
46GoFours Powered By SausageTrailblazer Scouts3F
47Rusty- GeordieNell- Finesse1S
48Gus- WaggytailsAsher- Phantoms1S
49Rolo- MoltenTrigger- Lightning1S
50Nell- FinesseAsher- Phantoms1S
51Rusty- GeordieRolo- Molten1S
52Trigger- LightningGus- Waggytails1S
53Pip- FinesseNancy- Eclipse2S
54Indie- GoFoursElvis- Geordie2S
55Maya- MoltenMaisie- Geordie 2S
56Nancy- EclipseElvis- Geordie2S
57Pip- FinesseMaya- Molten2S
58Maisie- Geordie Indie- GoFours2S