Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight Team
1Barq's of HOTCupcake 2 of DGF
2Dallas of SWSharon Roxy of TP
3Mary Bolt of TPSlinky of HOT
4Rhyme of SWRhyme of SW
5Mary FloJo of TPCharlotte - Vicar of TP
6Alfie of SWBarq's of HOT
7Smoke of SWRelay of HOT
8Citrus of PBBazinga of HOT
9Pippa of TPCupcake of DGF
10Sage of N/ASage of N/A
11Lane of PBDot of Ok9
12Shea of K9kShea of K9K
13Pancake of PBQwerty of NRE
14Torque of HOTPixel of NRE
15Chester of OK9Bowie of NRE
16Gilly of K9KGilly of K9K
17Kyu of TsfKyu of Tsf
18Tip of M2Trill of TSF
19Random of RIRaisin of HOT
20Dazy of M2Yahtzee of HOT
21Sawyer of NRRSawyer of NRR
22Twist of NRRKreacher of NRR
23Hamish of NRRMalcolm of NRR
24Lachlan of NRR Luna of NRR
25Oakleigh of NRRBodhi of NRR
26Miryam of NRRGrimm of NRR
27Zoe of NRRBreagha of NRR