Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Keep Calm and Carry OnFindon Forces4
2Be Right Back in a FlashScratch 224
3Carry On'sFindon Flyers2
4Be Right Back with ItFinesse C2
5DeesidedlyCarnegie Canny Catch UsF1
6Be Right BackClyde Zero ShockersF1
8Scratch SquadCritical ImpactF2
9Empty LaneLuna (High Flyers)FS2
10Cisco (Be Right Back)Fate (Clyde)FS2
11Carnegie CalamityKeep Calm and Carry On4
12Findon ForcesBe Right Back in a Flash4
13Carnegie ChaosCarry On's2
14Findon FlyersBe Right Back with It2
15Star Paws RoguesDeesidedlyF1
16Carnegie Canny Catch UsBe Right BackF1
18AnnandaleScratch SquadF2
19Goose (Finesse)Empty LaneFS2
20Luna (High Flyers)Cisco (Be Right Back)FS2
21Scratch 22Carnegie Calamity4
22Be Right Back in a FlashKeep Calm and Carry On4
23Finesse CCarnegie Chaos2
24Be Right Back with ItCarry On's2
25Clyde Zero ShockersStar Paws RoguesF1
26Be Right BackDeesidedlyF1
27Critical ImpactFindonF2
28Scratch SquadPrestwickF2
29Fate (Clyde)Goose (Finesse)FS2
30Cisco (Be Right Back)Empty LaneFS2
31Findon ForcesCarnegie Calamity4
32Keep Calm and Carry OnScratch 224
33Findon FlyersCarnegie Chaos2
34Carry On'sFinesse C2
35Carnegie Canny Catch UsStar Paws RoguesF1
36DeesidedlyClyde Zero ShockersF1
38PrestwickCritical ImpactF2
39Luna (High Flyers)Goose (Finesse)FS2
40Empty LaneFate (Clyde)FS2
41Carnegie CalamityBe Right Back in a Flash4
42Scratch 22Findon Forces4
43Carnegie ChaosBe Right Back with It2
44Finesse CFindon Flyers2
45Star Paws RoguesBe Right BackF1
46Clyde Zero ShockersCarnegie Canny Catch UsF1
47FindonScratch SquadF2
48Critical ImpactAnnandaleF2
49Goose (Finesse)Cisco (Be Right Back)FS2
50Fate (Clyde)Luna (High Flyers)FS2