Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
1FF Faux FurNRR Dogs Overboard5/5M1
2SW Jolly SwaggersHOT Chasin' Tail5/5M2
3OK9 FanaticsPYB Sorry for Party Barking5/5R2
4FF Pity the FoolFF Fool me Once5/5R2
5K9K WingmuttsTP Powertrain5/5R1
6TSF Easy ABOB Orange Crush5/5R3
7DGF Rubber Room RocketsFF Formula Fun5/5R1
8NRE Train WreckOK9 Lunatics5/5R4
9BOB Bombs AwayNRR Without A Paddle5/5O1
10NAFA Open 1 GhostPYB Sexy and we Bark It5/5O1
11OK9 MasochistsSW Jolly Swaggers5/5M2
12NRR Up The CreekK9K Tailspin5/5R3
13PYB Sorry for Party BarkingFF Pity the Fool5/5R2
14HOT Heads Up!OK9 Fanatics5/5R2
15TP PowertrainTSF The Plastics5/5R1
16FF Formula FunK9K Wingmutts5/5R1
17OK9 LunaticsSW Arrr You Ready?5/5R4
18NRR Dogs OverboardHOT Turn Tail 'n Run5/5M1
19K9K Flight SchoolNAFA Open 1 Ghost5/5O1
20HEA Wicked WaggersTSF Easy A5/5R3
21HOT Chasin' TailOK9 Masochists5/5M2
22BOB Orange CrushNRR Up The Creek5/5R3
23TSF The PlasticsDGF Rubber Room Rockets5/5R1
24FF Fool me OnceHOT Heads Up!5/5R2
25PYB Sexy and we Bark ItBOB Bombs Away5/5O1
26SW Arrr You Ready?NRE Train Wreck5/5R4
27NRR Without A PaddleK9K Flight School5/5O1
28HOT Turn Tail 'n RunFF Faux Fur5/5M1
29SW Jolly SwaggersOK9 Masochists5/5M2
30K9K TailspinHEA Wicked Waggers5/5R3
31NRR Up The CreekTSF Easy A5/5R3
32FF Pity the FoolOK9 Fanatics5/5R2
33PYB Sorry for Party BarkingHOT Heads Up!5/5R2
34TSF The PlasticsK9K Wingmutts5/5R1
35BOB Bombs AwayNAFA Open 1 Ghost5/5O1
36NRR Dogs OverboardFF Faux Fur5/5M1
37OK9 LunaticsNRE Train Wreck5/5R4
38HOT Chasin' TailSW Jolly Swaggers5/5M2
39TP PowertrainFF Formula Fun5/5R1
40PYB Sexy and we Bark ItK9K Flight School5/5O1
41BOB Orange CrushHEA Wicked Waggers5/5R3
42NAFA Open 1 GhostNRR Without A Paddle5/5O1
43OK9 FanaticsFF Fool me Once5/5R2
44TSF Easy AK9K Tailspin5/5R3
45HOT Turn Tail 'n RunNRR Dogs Overboard5/5M1
46SW Arrr You Ready?OK9 Lunatics5/5R4
47K9K WingmuttsDGF Rubber Room Rockets5/5R1
48HOT Heads Up!FF Pity the Fool5/5R2
49HEA Wicked WaggersNRR Up The Creek5/5R3
50K9K Flight SchoolBOB Bombs Away5/5O1
51FF Formula FunTSF The Plastics5/5R1
52OK9 MasochistsHOT Chasin' Tail5/5M2
53NRR Without A PaddlePYB Sexy and we Bark It5/5O1
54K9K TailspinBOB Orange Crush5/5R3
55FF Faux FurHOT Turn Tail 'n Run5/5M1
56DGF Rubber Room RocketsTP Powertrain5/5R1
57NRE Train WreckSW Arrr You Ready?5/5R4
58FF Fool me OncePYB Sorry for Party Barking5/5R2
59FF Faux FurNRR Dogs Overboard3/5M1
60SW Jolly SwaggersHOT Chasin' Tail3/5M2
61PYB Sorry for Party BarkingOK9 Fanatics3/5R2
62FF Fool me OnceFF Pity the Fool3/5R2
63TP PowertrainK9K Wingmutts3/5R1
64BOB Orange CrushTSF Easy A3/5R3
65FF Formula FunDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R1
66NRE Train WreckOK9 Lunatics3/5R4
67NRR Without A PaddleBOB Bombs Away3/5O1
68PYB Sexy and we Bark ItNAFA Open 1 Ghost3/5O1
69OK9 MasochistsSW Jolly Swaggers3/5M2
70K9K TailspinNRR Up The Creek3/5R3
71FF Pity the FoolPYB Sorry for Party Barking3/5R2
72OK9 FanaticsHOT Heads Up!3/5R2
73TSF The PlasticsTP Powertrain3/5R1
74K9K WingmuttsFF Formula Fun3/5R1
75OK9 LunaticsSW Arrr You Ready?3/5R4
76NRR Dogs OverboardHOT Turn Tail 'n Run3/5M1
77NAFA Open 1 GhostK9K Flight School3/5O1
78TSF Easy AHEA Wicked Waggers3/5R3
79HOT Chasin' TailOK9 Masochists3/5M2
80NRR Up The CreekBOB Orange Crush3/5R3
81DGF Rubber Room RocketsTSF The Plastics3/5R1
82HOT Heads Up!FF Fool me Once3/5R2
83BOB Bombs AwayPYB Sexy and we Bark It3/5O1
84SW Arrr You Ready?NRE Train Wreck3/5R4
85K9K Flight SchoolNRR Without A Paddle3/5O1
86HOT Turn Tail 'n RunFF Faux Fur3/5M1
87SW Jolly SwaggersOK9 Masochists3/5M2
88HEA Wicked WaggersK9K Tailspin3/5R3
89TSF Easy ANRR Up The Creek3/5R3
90OK9 FanaticsFF Pity the Fool3/5R2
91HOT Heads Up!PYB Sorry for Party Barking3/5R2
92K9K WingmuttsTSF The Plastics3/5R1
93NAFA Open 1 GhostBOB Bombs Away3/5O1
94NRR Dogs OverboardFF Faux Fur3/5M1
95OK9 LunaticsNRE Train Wreck3/5R4
96HOT Chasin' TailSW Jolly Swaggers3/5M2
97FF Formula FunTP Powertrain3/5R1
98K9K Flight SchoolPYB Sexy and we Bark It3/5O1
99HEA Wicked WaggersBOB Orange Crush3/5R3
100NRR Without A PaddleNAFA Open 1 Ghost3/5O1
101FF Fool me OnceOK9 Fanatics3/5R2
102K9K TailspinTSF Easy A3/5R3
103HOT Turn Tail 'n RunNRR Dogs Overboard3/5M1
104SW Arrr You Ready?OK9 Lunatics3/5R4
105DGF Rubber Room RocketsK9K Wingmutts3/5R1
106FF Pity the FoolHOT Heads Up!3/5R2
107NRR Up The CreekHEA Wicked Waggers3/5R3
108BOB Bombs AwayK9K Flight School3/5O1
109TSF The PlasticsFF Formula Fun3/5R1
110OK9 MasochistsHOT Chasin' Tail3/5M2
111PYB Sexy and we Bark ItNRR Without A Paddle3/5O1
112BOB Orange CrushK9K Tailspin3/5R3
113FF Faux FurHOT Turn Tail 'n Run3/5M1
114TP PowertrainDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R1
115NRE Train WreckSW Arrr You Ready?3/5R4
116PYB Sorry for Party BarkingFF Fool me Once3/5R2