Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Empty LaneBlue Sky FledglingsF
2Wires2BBlue Sky ThinkersF
3Dukes Lucky CloversEmpty LaneF
4Blue Sky FledglingsWires2BF
5Blue Sky ThinkersDukes Lucky CloversF
6Carry On's 1Carry On's 1RT
7Carry On's 2Carry On's 2RT
8Trigger Happy 1Trigger Happy 1RT
9Trigger Happy 2Trigger Happy 2RT
10Finesse 1Finesse 1RT
11Finesse 2Finesse 2RT
12Carry On's 1Carry On's 1RT
13Carry On's 2Carry On's 2RT
14Trigger Happy 1Trigger Happy 1RT
15Trigger Happy 2Trigger Happy 2RT
16Finesse 1Finesse 1RT
17Finesse 2Finesse 2RT
18Carry On LaughingDukes Barking Balls2
19Ready2FlyTrigger Happy Crew2
20Keep Calm & Carry OnDoghouse Small n Mighty2
21Dukes Barking BallsReady2Fly2
22Keep Calm & Carry OnCarry On Laughing2
23Doghouse Small n MightyTrigger Happy Crew2
24Carry On LaughingReady2Fly2
25Trigger Happy CrewKeep Calm & Carry On2
26Doghouse Small n MightyDukes Barking Balls2
27Bassett TorpedoesCarry On's1
28Dukes of HazzardThe Doghouse1
29Doghouse Slip n SlideBlue Sky1
30Carry On'sDukes of Hazzard1
31Doghouse Slip n SlideBassett Torpedoes1
32Blue SkyThe Doghouse1
33Bassett TorpedoesDukes of Hazzard1
34The DoghouseDoghouse Slip n Slide1
35Blue SkyCarry On's1
36Wires2BEmpty LaneF
37Blue Sky FledglingsDukes Lucky CloversF
38Empty LaneBlue Sky ThinkersF
39Dukes Lucky CloversWires2BF
40Blue Sky ThinkersBlue Sky FledglingsF
41Carry On's 1Carry On's 1RT
42Carry On's 2Carry On's 2RT
43Trigger Happy 1Trigger Happy 1RT
44Trigger Happy 2Trigger Happy 2RT
45Finesse 1Finesse 1RT
46Finesse 2Finesse 2RT
47Ready2FlyKeep Calm & Carry On2
48Carry On LaughingDoghouse Small n Mighty2
49Dukes Barking BallsTrigger Happy Crew2
50Doghouse Small n MightyReady2Fly2
51Keep Calm & Carry OnDukes Barking Balls2
52Trigger Happy CrewCarry On Laughing2
53Dukes of HazzardDoghouse Slip n Slide1
54Bassett TorpedoesBlue Sky1
55Carry On'sThe Doghouse1
56Blue SkyDukes of Hazzard1
57Doghouse Slip n SlideCarry On's1
58The DoghouseBassett Torpedoes1