Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1SW Arrr You Ready?NRR Up the Creek5/5R318.40
2HJJ Lucky CharmsGDG Are You My Handler?5/5R318.40
3TSF PlasticsHEA Wicked Waggers5/5R217.50
4Ruff Happy CampersBR Come at Me Bro5/5O219.60
5FF Faux FurFF Fur Play3/5M10.00
6K9K Flight SchoolOK9 Fanatics3/5O10.00
7CO Too Tough to TameHJJ Who's Your Paddy?5/5O219.60
8SW Jolly SwaggersRuff Trail Mix3/5M10.00
9HEA Furry TalesNRR Without a Paddle3/5O10.00
10PB Sorry for Party BarkingOK9 Lunatics5/5R217.50
11K9K WingmuttsDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R10.00
12FF Formula FunBBC No Filter3/5R10.00
13GDG Are You My Handler?NRR Up the Creek5/5R318.40
14TSF PlasticsTP Powertain5/5R217.50
15CO High OctaneSW Arrr You Ready?5/5R318.40
16OK9 MasochistsFF Faux Fur3/5M10.00
17PB Sexy and I Bark ItK9K Flight School3/5O10.00
18HJJ Who's Your Paddy?BR Come at Me Bro5/5O219.60
19FF Fur PlayRuff Trail Mix3/5M10.00
20CO Too Tough to TameFFF Puddle Jumpers5/5O219.60
21OK9 FanaticsHEA Furry Tales3/5O10.00
22BBC ReactivePB Sorry for Party Barking5/5R217.50
23DGF Rubber Room RocketsFF Formula Fun3/5R10.00
24NRR Up the CreekHJJ Lucky Charms5/5R318.40
25HEA Wicked WaggersTP Powertain5/5R217.50
26GDG Are You My Handler?CO High Octane5/5R318.40
27FF Faux FurSW Jolly Swaggers3/5M10.00
28BBC No FilterK9K Wingmutts3/5R10.00
29NRR Without a PaddlePB Sexy and I Bark It3/5O10.00
30OK9 MasochistsFF Fur Play3/5M10.00
31FFF Puddle JumpersRuff Happy Campers5/5O219.60
32K9K Flight SchoolHEA Furry Tales3/5O10.00
33BR Come at Me BroCO Too Tough to Tame5/5O219.60
34OK9 LunaticsTSF Plastics5/5R217.50
35HJJ Lucky CharmsSW Arrr You Ready?5/5R318.40
36BBC ReactiveHEA Wicked Waggers5/5R217.50
37TP PowertainPB Sorry for Party Barking5/5R217.50
38NRR Up the CreekCO High Octane5/5R318.40
39FF Formula FunK9K Wingmutts3/5R10.00
40DGF Rubber Room RocketsBBC No Filter3/5R10.00
41Ruff Trail MixOK9 Masochists3/5M10.00
42FFF Puddle JumpersHJJ Who's Your Paddy?5/5O219.60
43FF Fur PlaySW Jolly Swaggers3/5M10.00
44HEA Furry TalesPB Sexy and I Bark It3/5O10.00
45OK9 FanaticsNRR Without a Paddle3/5O10.00
46Ruff Happy CampersCO Too Tough to Tame5/5O219.60
47SW Arrr You Ready?GDG Are You My Handler?5/5R318.40
48BBC ReactiveTP Powertain5/5R217.50
49PB Sorry for Party BarkingTSF Plastics5/5R217.50
50HEA Wicked WaggersOK9 Lunatics5/5R217.50
51K9K WingmuttsFF Formula Fun3/5R10.00
52CO High OctaneHJJ Lucky Charms5/5R318.40
53BBC No FilterDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R10.00
54SW Jolly SwaggersOK9 Masochists3/5M10.00
55BR Come at Me BroFFF Puddle Jumpers5/5O219.60
56NRR Without a PaddleK9K Flight School3/5O10.00
57HJJ Who's Your Paddy?Ruff Happy Campers5/5O219.60
58PB Sexy and I Bark ItOK9 Fanatics3/5O10.00
59NRR Up the CreekSW Arrr You Ready?5/5R318.40
60Ruff Trail MixFF Faux Fur3/5M10.00
61TSF PlasticsBBC Reactive5/5R217.50
62TP PowertainOK9 Lunatics5/5R217.50
63HEA Wicked WaggersPB Sorry for Party Barking5/5R217.50
64FF Formula FunDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R10.00
65GDG Are You My Handler?HJJ Lucky Charms5/5R318.40
66K9K WingmuttsBBC No Filter3/5R10.00
67FF Fur PlayOK9 Masochists3/5M10.00
68Ruff Happy CampersFFF Puddle Jumpers5/5O219.60
69HJJ Who's Your Paddy?CO Too Tough to Tame5/5O219.60
70PB Sexy and I Bark ItHEA Furry Tales3/5O10.00
71K9K Flight SchoolNRR Without a Paddle3/5O10.00
72FF Faux FurRuff Trail Mix3/5M10.00
73OK9 LunaticsBBC Reactive5/5R217.50
74NRR Up the CreekGDG Are You My Handler?5/5R318.40
75TP PowertainBBC Reactive3/3R217.50
76SW Jolly SwaggersFF Fur Play3/5M10.00
77HEA Wicked WaggersTSF Plastics3/3R217.50
78OK9 LunaticsPB Sorry for Party Barking3/3R217.50
79FFF Puddle JumpersCO Too Tough to Tame5/5O219.60
80DGF Rubber Room RocketsK9K Wingmutts3/5R10.00
81BBC No FilterFF Formula Fun3/5R10.00
82SW Arrr You Ready?CO High Octane5/5R318.40
83OK9 FanaticsPB Sexy and I Bark It3/5O10.00
84HEA Furry TalesK9K Flight School3/5O10.00
85HJJ Lucky CharmsNRR Up the Creek5/5R318.40
86OK9 MasochistsRuff Trail Mix3/5M10.00
87SW Jolly SwaggersFF Faux Fur3/5M10.00
88BBC ReactiveTSF Plastics3/3R217.50
89PB Sorry for Party BarkingTP Powertain3/3R217.50
90OK9 LunaticsHEA Wicked Waggers3/3R217.50
91K9K WingmuttsDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R10.00
92FF Formula FunBBC No Filter3/5R10.00
93BR Come at Me BroRuff Happy Campers5/5O219.60
94NRR Without a PaddleOK9 Fanatics3/5O10.00
95HJJ Who's Your Paddy?FFF Puddle Jumpers5/5O219.60
96K9K Flight SchoolPB Sexy and I Bark It3/5O10.00
97CO High OctaneGDG Are You My Handler?5/5R318.40
98OK9 MasochistsSW Jolly Swaggers3/5M10.00
99Ruff Trail MixFF Fur Play3/5M10.00
100TSF PlasticsPB Sorry for Party Barking3/3R217.50
101HEA Wicked WaggersBBC Reactive3/3R217.50
102OK9 LunaticsTP Powertain3/3R217.50
103DGF Rubber Room RocketsFF Formula Fun3/5R10.00
104BBC No FilterK9K Wingmutts3/5R10.00
105CO Too Tough to TameBR Come at Me Bro5/5O219.60
106NRR Without a PaddleHEA Furry Tales3/5O10.00
107SW Arrr You Ready?HJJ Lucky Charms5/5R318.40
108OK9 FanaticsK9K Flight School3/5O10.00
109CO High OctaneNRR Up the Creek5/5R318.40
110FF Fur PlayFF Faux Fur3/5M10.00
111Ruff Happy CampersHJJ Who's Your Paddy?5/5O219.60
112PB Sorry for Party BarkingHEA Wicked Waggers3/3R217.50
113TP PowertainTSF Plastics3/3R217.50
114BBC ReactiveOK9 Lunatics3/3R217.50
115FF Formula FunK9K Wingmutts3/5R10.00
116FFF Puddle JumpersBR Come at Me Bro5/5O219.60
117Ruff Trail MixSW Jolly Swaggers3/5M10.00
118DGF Rubber Room RocketsBBC No Filter3/5R10.00
119HEA Furry TalesOK9 Fanatics3/5O10.00
120HJJ Lucky CharmsCO High Octane5/5R318.40
121PB Sexy and I Bark ItNRR Without a Paddle3/5O10.00
122GDG Are You My Handler?SW Arrr You Ready?5/5R318.40
123FF Faux FurOK9 Masochists3/5M10.00
124CO Too Tough to TameRuff Happy Campers5/5O219.60
125TP PowertainHEA Wicked Waggers3/3R217.50
126PB Sorry for Party BarkingBBC Reactive3/3R217.50
127TSF PlasticsOK9 Lunatics3/3R217.50
128BR Come at Me BroHJJ Who's Your Paddy?5/5O219.60