Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1On The FlipSide CajunPreflight
2On The FlipSide BruPreflight
3On The FlipSide ParlayPreflight
4On The FlipSide RiskyPreflight
5Rocket Relay Flyball Team Dog 1Preflight
6Be Right Back FlingPreflight
7OneVision AltraPreflight
8Launch Flyball ShimmerPreflight
9Be Right Back JuniperPreflight
10Pawbusters WagerOn The FlipSide Surge4/4Singles
11Be Right Back ZoriiSpeed Racers Nada4/4Singles
12Be Right Back Hold My BeerMission Uproar Tequila Sunrise3/5S317.00
13Fetch It Hot MessOn The Flipside Frontside P/U3/5S1NA
14Mission Uproar Blue LagoonPerro Loco Four Loco3/5S216.00
15Be Right Back Stripey Unicorn Glitter GamesOn The FlipSide Tavi/Baffle4/4Pairs
16Be Right Back Spaceballs: The PairsMission Uproar Fox and the Hound4/4Pairs
17Perro Loco Dog 1Preflight
18Perro Loco Dog 2Preflight
19Perro Loco Dog 3Preflight
20Perro Loco Dog 4Preflight
21Perro Loco Dog 5Preflight
22Launch Flyball CavaPreflight
23Pawbusters HippiePreflight
24Be Right Back ClutchPreflight
25OneVision With Vision. Logic. PrivilegeOn The Flipside Frontside P/U3/5S1NA
26Perro Loco Four LocoMission Uproar Blue Lagoon3/5S216.00
27Hawkeye Hustlers TravelersBe Right Back Hold My Beer3/5S317.00
28Fetch It FuryMission Uproar Abbie4/4Singles
29Rocket Relay Flyball Team CroutonOn The FlipSide Venti4/4Singles
30Pawbusters GypsyBe Right Back Gamer4/4Singles
31Speed Racers GrootBe Right Back Lucy4/4Singles
32Be Right Back AmpBe Right Back Akona4/4Singles
33Fetch It HelixPreflight
34Fetch It RiverPreflight
35Fetch It ArtiePreflight
36Mission Uproar FawkesPreflight
37Mission Uproar AmmoPreflight
38Mission Uproar SafariPreflight
39Mission Uproar RebelPreflight
40Be Right Back MakkBe Right Back Cider4/4Singles
41OneVision With Vision. Logic. PrivilegeFetch It Hot Mess3/5S1NA
42Perro Loco Four LocoMission Uproar Blue Lagoon3/5S216.00
43Be Right Back Hold My BeerHawkeye Hustlers Travelers3/5S317.00
44On The FlipSide SurgePawbusters Wager4/4Singles
45Mission Uproar AbbieMission Uproar Wes4/4Singles
46Perro Loco Dog 1Preflight
47Perro Loco Dog 2Preflight
48Perro Loco Dog 3Preflight
49Perro Loco Dog 4Preflight
50Perro Loco Dog 5Preflight
51Be Right Back Juniper
52On The Flipside Frontside P/UOneVision With Vision. Logic. Privilege3/5S1NA
53On The FlipSide Tavi/BaffleBe Right Back Stripey Unicorn Glitter Games4/4Pairs
54Mission Uproar Tequila SunriseHawkeye Hustlers Travelers3/5S317.00
55Speed Racers NadaBe Right Back Zorii4/4Singles
56Mission Uproar Blue LagoonPerro Loco Four Loco3/5S216.00
57OneVision AltraPreflight
58Pawbusters HippiePreflight
59Launch Flyball ShimmerPreflight
60Be Right Back ClutchPreflight
61Mission Uproar Tequila SunriseBe Right Back Hold My Beer3/5S317.00
62Fetch It Hot MessOneVision With Vision. Logic. Privilege3/5S1NA
63Be Right Back AkonaBe Right Back Amp4/4Singles
64Be Right Back LucySpeed Racers Groot4/4Singles
65Be Right Back BeepPawbusters Gypsy4/4Singles
66Mission Uproar WesFetch It Fury4/4Singles
67On The FlipSide VentiRocket Relay Flyball Team Crouton4/4Singles
68Be Right Back CiderBe Right Back Makk4/4Singles
69Be Right Back FlingPreflight
70Fetch It HelixPreflight
71Fetch It RiverPreflight
72Fetch It ArtiePreflight
73Launch Flyball CavaPreflight
74Hawkeye Hustlers TravelersMission Uproar Tequila Sunrise3/5S317.00
75On The Flipside Frontside P/UFetch It Hot Mess3/5S1NA
76Mission Uproar Fox and the HoundBe Right Back Spaceballs: The Pairs4/4Pairs
77Be Right Back GamerBe Right Back Beep4/4Singles
78Rocket Relay Flyball Team Dog 1Preflight
79Mission Uproar FawkesPreflight
80Mission Uproar AmmoPreflight
81Mission Uproar SafariPreflight
82Mission Uproar RebelPreflight
83On The FlipSide CajunPreflight
84On The FlipSide BruPreflight
85On The FlipSide RiskyPreflight
86On The FlipSide ParlayPreflight