Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1ExtrabuccsFunky Fantastics 8
3Odyssey SirensBassett Allsorts9
5Trailblazers PioneersKiddy Monsters7
7BuccaroosBristol Ball-istic Bombers8
10Bassett Dynamites Ricochet C6
11Bristol Ball-istic RocketsTest Valley Rapids4
12Wild West Black & WhitesFunky Fidos Flyballers 5
13Bassett Beaming BeastsCarry On Laughing6
14Lightning StormAces Diamonds4
15High Flyers MaydayBassett Hotdogs4
16Commandos at EaseTrailblazers5
17Lightning BoltCritically Extreme2
18MonkeysHigh Flyers On The Fly3
19Odyssey Challengers Commandos Tooting the Colours3
20Ricochet BWaendel Drifters3
21Bristol Ball-isticsHigh Flyers Turbulence2
22Wild WestLightning Flash2
23Aces Ricochet1
24Carry On'sBristol Ball-istic Bombshells5
25Commandos Lightning Strikes1
26High FlyersAces Hold Em1
27Wild West MustangsBuccaroos8
28Trailblazers TrekkersLomond Tartan Terrors9
29Carry On and On and OnEmpty Lane9
30Dukes Barking BallsFunky Fantastics 8
31Bristol Ball-istic BombersExtrabuccs8
32Keep Calm and Carry OnKiddy Monsters7
33High Flyers Red AlertBassett Beaming Beasts6
34Hampshire HarriersManx Missiles 7
35Recall ReboundTrailblazers Pioneers7
36Born to BarkRicochet C6
37Carry On LaughingBassett Dynamites 6
38Funky Fidos Flyballers Bristol Ball-istic Bombshells5
39Wild West Black & WhitesCommandos at Ease5
40Test Valley RapidsAces Diamonds4
41Bristol Ball-istic RocketsHigh Flyers Mayday4
42Bassett HotdogsLightning Storm4
43TrailblazersCarry On's5
44High Flyers On The FlyCommandos Tooting the Colours3
45RicochetAces Hold Em1
46Waendel DriftersOdyssey Challengers 3
47High Flyers TurbulenceCritically Extreme2
48Lightning FlashLightning Bolt2
49Bristol Ball-isticsWild West2
50MonkeysRicochet B3
51Aces Commandos 1
52Lightning StrikesHigh Flyers1
53BuccaroosDukes Barking Balls8
54Bassett AllsortsTrailblazers Trekkers9
55Lomond Tartan TerrorsOdyssey Sirens9
56Funky Fantastics Bristol Ball-istic Bombers8
57ExtrabuccsWild West Mustangs8
58Bassett Beaming BeastsBorn to Bark6
59Manx Missiles Keep Calm and Carry On7
60Kiddy MonstersRecall Rebound7
61Trailblazers PioneersHampshire Harriers7
62Ricochet CCarry On Laughing6
63Bassett Dynamites High Flyers Red Alert6
64Commandos at EaseFunky Fidos Flyballers 5
65Critically ExtremeLightning Flash2
66Bristol Ball-istic BombshellsTrailblazers5
67Carry On'sWild West Black & Whites5
68High Flyers MaydayTest Valley Rapids4
69Aces DiamondsBassett Hotdogs4
70Lightning StormBristol Ball-istic Rockets4
71Ricochet BHigh Flyers On The Fly3
72Odyssey Challengers Monkeys3
73Bassett AllsortsCarry On and On and On9
74Lightning BoltBristol Ball-istics2
75Wild WestHigh Flyers Turbulence2
76Commandos Ricochet1
77Aces Hold EmLightning Strikes1
78Trailblazers TrekkersOdyssey Sirens9
79Commandos Tooting the ColoursWaendel Drifters3
80High FlyersAces 1