Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
1AcesCritical ImpactRR1
2Live WiresHigh FlyersRR1
3Carry OnsNene Vally SprintersRR3
4Trigger HappyExtreme AccelerationRR3
5Aces Hold EmFocusRR1
6TNTCritical Hit + MissRR2
7Wire FlashHigh Flyers Red AlertRR3
8Extreme Wipe OutInnerwolf BlendigRR5
9Aces WildRotherham RocketsRR2
10Calverley ChasersTNT DynamitesRR4
11Banbury Cross Paws For ThoughtDrax LinesRR5
12High Flyers May DayShawcross Fully FledgedRR4
13Carry on RacingCopper WiresRR4
14Northdene's Need for SpeedFenland FirepowerRR6
15Reiver ReprobatedAces HeartsRR6
16Trigger Happy PalsDog StarRR6
17Nene Vally CruisersElectric WiresRR5
18Northdene's LegendCarry On LaughingRR7
19Hight Flyers on the flyAces RapidsRR2
20FocusNene Vally RapidsRR1
21innerwolfe GreysShawcross MinorsRR7
22Nene Vally RelaysTOWIF Mucky PawsRR8
23Banbury Cross Paws For A MomentCalverley Canine CrusadersRR8
24DoggylicousWire ConnexionRR8
25Critical Impact Smash + GrabCarry on TryingRR9
26Northdene'sTNT Wrecking BallRR10
27Calverley ClownsAces Tic TacsRR7
28TriggernometryBanbury cross baby banditosRR10
29Nene Vally RapidsLive WiresRR1
30Critical ImpactHigh FlyersRR1
32Rotherham RocketsTNTRR2
33Calverley Murphys MuppetsBanbury cross baby banditsRR9
34Critical Hit + MissHight Flyers on the flyRR2
35Aces RapidsAces WildRR2
36Extreme AccelerationCarry OnsRR3
37Nene Vally SprintersWire FlashRR3
38High Flyers Red AlertTrigger HappyRR3
39Shawcross Fully FledgedCalverley ChasersRR4
40TNT DynamitesCarry on RacingRR4
41Drax LinesExtreme Wipe OutRR5
42Copper WiresHigh Flyers May DayRR4
43Innerwolf BlendigNene Vally CruisersRR5
44Aces HeartsNorthdene's Need for SpeedRR6
45Fenland FirepowerTrigger Happy PalsRR6
46Electric WiresBanbury Cross Paws For ThoughtRR5
47Dog StarReiver ReprobatedRR6
48Aces Tic TacsNorthdene's LegendRR7
49Carry On Laughinginnerwolfe GreysRR7
50Shawcross MinorsCalverley ClownsRR7
51TOWIF Mucky PawsDoggylicousRR8
52Wire ConnexionBanbury Cross Paws For A MomentRR8
53Little Lone WolvesTriggernometryRR10
54Calverley Canine CrusadersNene Vally RelaysRR8
55AcesHigh FlyersRR1
56Banbury cross baby banditsCritical Impact Smash + GrabRR9
57FocusLive WiresRR1
58Carry OnsTrigger HappyRR3
59Hight Flyers on the flyRotherham RocketsRR2
60TNTAces WildRR2
61Wire FlashExtreme AccelerationRR3
62Banbury cross baby banditosNorthdene'sRR10
63Nene Vally RapidsCritical ImpactRR1
64High Flyers May DayCarry on RacingRR4
65Wire SparksCalverley Murphys MuppetsRR9
66Shawcross Fully FledgedTNT DynamitesRR4
67Critical Hit + MissAces RapidsRR2
68Nene Vally SprintersHigh Flyers Red AlertRR3
69Calverley ChasersCopper WiresRR4
70Extreme Wipe OutBanbury Cross Paws For ThoughtRR5
71Trigger Happy PalsAces HeartsRR6
72Nene Vally CruisersDrax LinesRR5
73Innerwolf BlendigElectric WiresRR5
74Northdene's Need for SpeedReiver ReprobatedRR6
75Fenland FirepowerDog StarRR6
76High FlyersAces Hold EmRR1
77Carry On LaughingShawcross MinorsRR7
78innerwolfe GreysAces Tic TacsRR7
79Northdene's LegendCalverley ClownsRR7
80Nene Vally RelaysBanbury Cross Paws For A MomentRR8
81TOWIF Mucky PawsWire ConnexionRR8
82TNT Wrecking BallLittle Lone WolvesRR10
83DoggylicousCalverley Canine CrusadersRR8
85Live WiresAcesRR1
86Carry on TryingWire SparksRR9
87Critical ImpactAces Hold EmRR1
88High FlyersFocusRR1
89Trigger HappyNene Vally SprintersRR3
90Wire FlashCarry OnsRR3
91Critical Impact Smash + GrabCalverley Murphys MuppetsRR9
92Hight Flyers on the flyTNTRR2
93Rotherham RocketsAces RapidsRR2
94Carry on RacingShawcross Fully FledgedRR4
95Nene Vally CruisersExtreme Wipe OutRR5
96Calverley ChasersHigh Flyers May DayRR4
97Copper WiresTNT DynamitesRR4
98Banbury Cross Paws For ThoughtInnerwolf BlendigRR5
99Nene Vally RapidsAcesRR1
100Extreme AccelerationHigh Flyers Red AlertRR3
101Drax LinesElectric WiresRR5
102Trigger Happy PalsNorthdene's Need for SpeedRR6
103Aces WildCritical Hit + MissRR2
104Reiver ReprobatedFenland FirepowerRR6
105Calverley ClownsCarry On LaughingRR7
106innerwolfe GreysNorthdene's LegendRR7
107Aces Tic TacsShawcross MinorsRR7
108DoggylicousNene Vally RelaysRR8
109Banbury Cross Paws For A MomentTOWIF Mucky PawsRR8
110Calverley Canine CrusadersWire ConnexionRR8
111Aces HeartsDog StarRR6
112TriggernometryTNT Wrecking BallRR10
113Banbury cross baby banditosLittle Lone WolvesRR10
114Live WiresCritical ImpactRR1
115Calverley Murphys MuppetsCarry on TryingRR9
116Aces Hold EmNene Vally RapidsRR1
117TNT DynamitesHigh Flyers May DayRR4
118Banbury cross baby banditsWire SparksRR9
119Critical Hit + MissRotherham RocketsRR2
120Nene Vally SprintersExtreme AccelerationRR3
121Carry on RacingCalverley ChasersRR4
122Shawcross Fully FledgedCopper WiresRR4
123Aces WildHight Flyers on the flyRR2
124Banbury Cross Paws For ThoughtNene Vally CruisersRR5
125Innerwolf BlendigDrax LinesRR5
126Trigger HappyWire FlashRR3
127High Flyers Red AlertCarry OnsRR3
128AcesAces Hold EmRR1
129Dog StarNorthdene's Need for SpeedRR6
130Electric WiresExtreme Wipe OutRR5
131Reiver ReprobatedTrigger Happy PalsRR6
132Fenland FirepowerAces HeartsRR6
133Calverley Clownsinnerwolfe GreysRR7
134Shawcross MinorsNorthdene's LegendRR7
135Banbury Cross Paws For A MomentDoggylicousRR8
136Aces RapidsTNTRR2
137Wire ConnexionNene Vally RelaysRR8
138TOWIF Mucky PawsCalverley Canine CrusadersRR8
139Carry on TryingBanbury cross baby banditsRR9
140Little Lone WolvesNorthdene'sRR10
141Wire SparksCritical Impact Smash + GrabRR9
142High FlyersNene Vally RapidsRR1
143Carry On LaughingAces Tic TacsRR7
144TNT Wrecking BallBanbury cross baby banditosRR10
145Critical ImpactFocusRR1
146Aces Hold EmLive WiresRR1