Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1SD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/USilver Streaks Nitro4/4S319.50
2Mutts in Motion MuttaritasTailspins Mean Green Machine4/4S319.50
3Woof Gang OutlawsCoastal Express Non Stop4/4S217.00
4RF Revolution ObiPacific Pups Star4/4Singlesn/a
5Tailspins Go for the GoldSilver Streaks TNT4/4S217.00
6SD Flyball Catchn Speed P/ULeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo4/4S217.00
7Hot Rod Hounds EnvyCoastal Express Luke4/4Singlesn/a
8Silver Streaks DynamiteMutts in Motion Muttmosas5/5S1n/a
9Silver Streaks Swat GirlsLeap of Faith Flyball Team Trig and Duff4/4Pairsn/a
10Coastal Express LilyPre Flight
11Coastal Express EclipsePre Flight
12Leap of Faith ElliePre Flight
13Leap of Faith StoryPre Flight
14Tailspins Mean Green MachineSD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/U4/4S319.50
15Mutts in Motion MuttinisMutts in Motion Muttaritas4/4S319.50
16Coastal Express Non StopSilver Streaks TNT4/4S217.00
17Leap of Faith Flyball Team MojoTailspins Go for the Gold4/4S217.00
18Woof Gang OutlawsSD Flyball Catchn Speed P/U4/4S217.00
19Silver Streaks KaosTailspins Penny4/4Singlesn/a
20Mutts in Motion MuttmosasLeap of Faith Flyball Team Unknown5/5S1n/a
21SoCal Frequent Flyers WillowPre Flight
22Woof Gang OlliePre Flight
23RF Revolution BladePre Flight
24Silver Streaks NitroMutts in Motion Muttinis4/4S319.50
25SD Flyball Catchn Speed P/UTailspins Go for the Gold4/4S217.00
26Coastal Express Non StopLeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo4/4S217.00
27Silver Streaks TNTWoof Gang Outlaws4/4S217.00
28SD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/UMutts in Motion Muttaritas4/4S319.50
29Coastal Express Beauty and the BeastTailspins Whos Who4/4Pairsn/a
30Leap of Faith Flyball Team UnknownSilver Streaks Dynamite5/5S1n/a
31Mutts in Motion Dog 1Pre Flight
32Mutts in Motion Dog 2Pre Flight
33SD Flyball DodgePre Flight
34SD Flyball GuardianPre Flight
35Silver Streaks RadarPre Flight
36SoCal Frequent Flyers WillowPre Flight
37Woof Gang OlliePre Flight
38Mutts in Motion MuttmosasSilver Streaks Dynamite5/5S1n/a
39SD Flyball Catchn Speed P/UCoastal Express Non Stop4/4S217.00
40Tailspins Go for the GoldWoof Gang Outlaws4/4S217.00
41Leap of Faith Flyball Team MojoSilver Streaks TNT4/4S217.00
42Coastal Express LukeTailspins Willow4/4Singlesn/a
43Mutts in Motion MuttaritasSilver Streaks Nitro4/4S319.50
44SD Flyball Kiyah and OakleySilver Streaks Swat Girls4/4Pairsn/a
45Pacific Pups StarRF Revolution Obi4/4Singlesn/a
46Leap of Faith ElliePre Flight
47Leap of Faith StoryPre Flight
48Coastal Express LilyPre Flight
49Coastal Express EclipsePre Flight
50Tailspins Mean Green MachineMutts in Motion Muttinis4/4S319.50
51Leap of Faith Flyball Team UnknownMutts in Motion Muttmosas5/5S1n/a
52Coastal Express Non StopTailspins Go for the Gold4/4S217.00
53Woof Gang OutlawsLeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo4/4S217.00
54Silver Streaks TNTSD Flyball Catchn Speed P/U4/4S217.00
55Tailspins PennySilver Streaks Kaos4/4Singlesn/a
56Tailspins Whos WhoCoastal Express Beauty and the Beast4/4Pairsn/a
57Mutts in Motion MuttinisSD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/U4/4S319.50
58Silver Streaks NitroTailspins Mean Green Machine4/4S319.50
59Leap of Faith Flyball Team Trig and DuffSD Flyball Kiyah and Oakley4/4Pairsn/a
60Tailspins WillowHot Rod Hounds Envy4/4Singlesn/a
61Silver Streaks DynamiteLeap of Faith Flyball Team Unknown5/5S1n/a
62Mutts in Motion Dog 1Pre Flight
63Mutts in Motion Dog 2Pre Flight
64RF Revolution BladePre Flight
65SD Flyball DodgePre Flight
66SD Flyball GuardianPre Flight
67Silver Streaks RadarPre Flight