Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1Silver Streaks DynamiteMutts in Motion Muttmosas5/5S1n/a
2SD Flyball Catchn Speed P/ULeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo4/4S217.00
3Tailspins Go for the GoldBall Haulers Dogs Deliverin4/4S319.00
4Woof Gang OutlawsSilver Streaks TNT4/4S217.00
5Mutts in Motion MuttaritasMutts in Motion Muttinis4/4S420.00
6SD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/UTailspins Mean Green Machine4/4S420.00
7Silver Streaks NitroCoastal Express Non Stop4/4S319.00
8Ball Haulers Julee and HoustonLeap of Faith Flyball Team Trig and Duff4/4Pairsn/a
9Tailspins PennyX Jake4/4Singlesn/a
10Ball Haulers RosiePreFlight
11Coastal Express LilyPreFlight
12Coastal Express EclipsePreFlight
13Mutts in Motion MuttmosasLeap of Faith Flyball Team Unknown5/5S1n/a
14Woof Gang OutlawsSD Flyball Catchn Speed P/U4/4S217.00
15Coastal Express Non StopBall Haulers Dogs Deliverin4/4S319.00
16Silver Streaks TNTLeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo4/4S217.00
17Mutts in Motion MuttinisSD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/U4/4S420.00
18Coastal Express LukeHot Rod Hounds Envy4/4Singlesn/a
19Silver Streaks NitroTailspins Go for the Gold4/4S319.00
20Ball Haulers Tail GaitersMutts in Motion Muttaritas4/4S420.00
21Leap of Faith ElliePreFlight
22Leap of Faith StoryPreFlight
23Mutts in Motion Dog 1PreFlight
24Mutts in Motion Dog 2PreFlight
25Leap of Faith Flyball Team UnknownSilver Streaks Dynamite5/5S1n/a
26Tailspins Whos WhoCoastal Express Beauty and the Beast4/4Pairsn/a
27X JakeSilver Streaks Kaos4/4Singlesn/a
28Leap of Faith Flyball Team MojoWoof Gang Outlaws4/4S217.00
29Silver Streaks TNTSD Flyball Catchn Speed P/U4/4S217.00
30Tailspins Mean Green MachineBall Haulers Tail Gaiters4/4S420.00
31Tailspins WillowBall Haulers Houston4/4Singlesn/a
32SD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/UMutts in Motion Muttaritas4/4S420.00
33Ball Haulers Dogs DeliverinSilver Streaks Nitro4/4S319.00
34Coastal Express Non StopTailspins Go for the Gold4/4S319.00
35Leap of Faith Flyball Team Trig and DuffSD Flyball Kiyah and Oakley4/4Pairsn/a
36X Flying FoxesSilver Streaks Swat Girls4/4Pairsn/a
37SD Flyball GuardianPreFlight
38SD Flyball DodgePreFlight
39Silver Streaks RadarPreFlight
40SoCal Frequent Flyers WillowPreFlight
41Woof Gang OlliePreFlight
42Ball Haulers RosiePreFlight
43Coastal Express LilyPreFlight
44Mutts in Motion MuttmosasSilver Streaks Dynamite5/5S1n/a
45Leap of Faith Flyball Team MojoSD Flyball Catchn Speed P/U3/3S217.00
46Ball Haulers Dogs DeliverinTailspins Go for the Gold3/3S319.00
47Silver Streaks TNTWoof Gang Outlaws3/3S217.00
48Silver Streaks Swat GirlsX Flying Foxes4/4Pairsn/a
49Mutts in Motion MuttinisBall Haulers Tail Gaiters4/4S420.00
50Coastal Express Non StopSilver Streaks Nitro3/3S319.00
51Silver Streaks KaosTailspins Penny4/4Singlesn/a
52Mutts in Motion MuttaritasTailspins Mean Green Machine4/4S420.00
53Leap of Faith Flyball Team UnknownMutts in Motion Muttmosas5/5S1n/a
54SD Flyball Catchn Speed P/UWoof Gang Outlaws3/3S217.00
55Ball Haulers Dogs DeliverinCoastal Express Non Stop3/3S319.00
56Leap of Faith Flyball Team MojoSilver Streaks TNT3/3S217.00
57Hot Rod Hounds EnvyTailspins Willow4/4Singlesn/a
58Ball Haulers Tail GaitersSD Flyball Super Fly Dogs P/U4/4S420.00
59Ball Haulers HoustonCoastal Express Luke4/4Singlesn/a
60Tailspins Go for the GoldSilver Streaks Nitro3/3S319.00
61Leap of Faith ElliePreFlight
62Leap of Faith StoryPreFlight
63Coastal Express EclipsePreFlight
64Mutts in Motion Dog 1PreFlight
65Silver Streaks DynamiteLeap of Faith Flyball Team Unknown5/5S1n/a
66Coastal Express Beauty and the BeastTailspins Whos Who4/4Pairsn/a
67SD Flyball Kiyah and OakleyBall Haulers Julee and Houston4/4Pairsn/a
68Woof Gang OutlawsLeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo3/3S217.00
69SD Flyball Catchn Speed P/USilver Streaks TNT3/3S217.00
70Tailspins Mean Green MachineMutts in Motion Muttinis4/4S420.00
71Silver Streaks NitroBall Haulers Dogs Deliverin3/3S319.00
72Tailspins Go for the GoldCoastal Express Non Stop3/3S319.00
73Mutts in Motion Dog 2PreFlight
74SD Flyball GuardianPreFlight
75SD Flyball DodgePreFlight
76Silver Streaks RadarPreFlight
77SoCal Frequent Flyers WillowPreFlight
78Woof Gang OlliePreFlight