Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Fenland FirestormNorthants falcons2
2TNT ExplosionsAces wild2
3Extreme acceleration Critical Impact on Point 3
4RPMNorthdene's Sprocket Rocket6
5Focus Impossibles Aces rapids2
6Sheffield SpeedersPrimed to Go 6
7RainbowGoFours Imps8
8Aces heartsCarry on's3
9Focus Diddys Northants harriers6
10Sheffield SwiftsHigh Flyers Takeoff8
11Aces tic tacsGeordie Legends8
12RPM ChallengersTNT Wrecking Balls10
13NorthLincs NitrosCritical Impact Dunt usually do that10
14High Flyers Red AlertAces diamonds3
15Why Aye GeordiesExtremely Special10
16Northants falconsTNT Explosions2
17Focus Impossibles Fenland Firestorm2
18Aces rapidsAces wild2
19Sheffield SpeedersRPM6
20Northdene's Sprocket RocketFocus Diddys 6
21Primed to Go Northants harriers6
22Extreme acceleration Aces hearts3
23GoFours ImpsSheffield Swifts8
24Carry on'sHigh Flyers Red Alert3
25Critical Impact on Point Aces diamonds3
26TNT Wrecking BallsNorthLincs Nitros10
27Geordie LegendsHigh Flyers Takeoff8
28Aces tic tacsRainbow8
29Extremely SpecialCritical Impact Dunt usually do that10
30Why Aye GeordiesRPM Challengers10
31Fenland FirestormTNT Explosions2
32Aces wildFocus Impossibles 2
33Northants harriersSheffield Speeders6
34Primed to Go Northdene's Sprocket Rocket6
35Aces heartsHigh Flyers Red Alert3
36Critical Impact on Point Carry on's3
37RPMFocus Diddys 6
38RainbowSheffield Swifts8
39Aces rapidsNorthants falcons2
40Geordie LegendsGoFours Imps8
41RPM ChallengersNorthLincs Nitros10
42Aces diamondsExtreme acceleration 3
43Critical Impact Dunt usually do thatWhy Aye Geordies10
44TNT ExplosionsFocus Impossibles 2
45High Flyers TakeoffAces tic tacs8
46Northdene's Sprocket RocketNorthants harriers6
47Extremely SpecialTNT Wrecking Balls10
48Aces heartsCritical Impact on Point 3
49Focus Diddys Sheffield Speeders6
50RPMPrimed to Go 6
51Fenland FirestormAces rapids2
52High Flyers Red AlertExtreme acceleration 3
53RainbowGeordie Legends8
54Northants falconsAces wild2
55GoFours ImpsHigh Flyers Takeoff8
56NorthLincs NitrosWhy Aye Geordies10
57Carry on'sAces diamonds3
58RPM ChallengersExtremely Special10
59TNT Wrecking BallsCritical Impact Dunt usually do that10
60Sheffield SwiftsAces tic tacs8
61Primed to Go Focus Diddys 6
62Critical Impact on Point High Flyers Red Alert3
63Sheffield SpeedersNorthdene's Sprocket Rocket6
64Aces rapidsTNT Explosions2
65Focus Impossibles Northants falcons2
66High Flyers TakeoffRainbow8
67Aces wildFenland Firestorm2
68Extreme acceleration Carry on's3
69Northants harriersRPM6
70Geordie LegendsSheffield Swifts8
71Aces tic tacsGoFours Imps8
72Extremely SpecialNorthLincs Nitros10
73Why Aye GeordiesTNT Wrecking Balls10
74Aces diamondsAces hearts3
75Critical Impact Dunt usually do thatRPM Challengers10