Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Critical Impact High Flyers1
2Aces HoldEm Focus1
3Extreme Acceleration High Flyers On The Fly3
4Aces Wild Critical Impact On Point 2
5Focus ImpossiblesBrigg Muttley Missiles2
6High Flyers TurbulenceAces1
7Shaw Cross HowlersBrid Bay Uniques5
8Brigg Muttley MavericksPhantom Fury 3
9High Flyers Red AlertFocus Absorbed 3
10Aces DiamondsFenland Firestorm2
11Infinity RushFocus Kimbas5
12Manx Very Much Carry on Regardless9
13Fenland WildfireNorthdene's Need 4 Speed5
14Calverley AttackersCalverley Canine Crusaders9
15Aces HoldEm Critical Impact 1
16High FlyersHigh Flyers Turbulence1
18Brigg Muttley MissilesFenland Firestorm2
19Critical Impact On Point Aces Diamonds2
20High Flyers On The FlyHigh Flyers Red Alert3
21Focus ImpossiblesAces Wild 2
22Brigg Muttley MavericksExtreme Acceleration 3
23Phantom Fury Focus Absorbed 3
24Fenland WildfireInfinity Rush5
25Focus KimbasShaw Cross Howlers5
26Northdene's Need 4 SpeedBrid Bay Uniques5
27Brigg Muttley MadnessManx Very Much 9
28Carry on RegardlessCalverley Attackers9
29Critical Impact High Flyers Turbulence1
30AcesAces HoldEm 1
31FocusHigh Flyers1
32Aces Wild Aces Diamonds2
33Fenland FirestormFocus Impossibles2
34Brigg Muttley MissilesCritical Impact On Point 2
35Extreme Acceleration High Flyers Red Alert3
36Infinity RushShaw Cross Howlers5
37Focus Absorbed Brigg Muttley Mavericks3
38Phantom Fury High Flyers On The Fly3
39Brid Bay UniquesFenland Wildfire5
40Northdene's Need 4 SpeedFocus Kimbas5
41Calverley Canine CrusadersBrigg Muttley Madness9
42High Flyers TurbulenceAces HoldEm 1
43Critical Impact Focus1
44Calverley AttackersManx Very Much 9
45High FlyersAces1
46Critical Impact On Point Fenland Firestorm2
47Aces DiamondsFocus Impossibles2
48High Flyers Red AlertBrigg Muttley Mavericks3
49Extreme Acceleration Phantom Fury 3
50Shaw Cross HowlersFenland Wildfire5
51Aces Wild Brigg Muttley Missiles2
52High Flyers On The FlyFocus Absorbed 3
53Infinity RushNorthdene's Need 4 Speed5
54Focus KimbasBrid Bay Uniques5
55Carry on RegardlessBrigg Muttley Madness9
56Manx Very Much Calverley Canine Crusaders9
57FocusHigh Flyers Turbulence1
58AcesCritical Impact 1
59Phantom Fury High Flyers Red Alert3
60Focus ImpossiblesCritical Impact On Point 2
61Brigg Muttley MissilesAces Diamonds2
62Focus Absorbed Extreme Acceleration 3
63Fenland FirestormAces Wild 2
64Brigg Muttley MavericksHigh Flyers On The Fly3
65Northdene's Need 4 SpeedShaw Cross Howlers5
66Aces HoldEm High Flyers1
67Fenland WildfireFocus Kimbas5
68Brigg Muttley MadnessCalverley Attackers9
69Brid Bay UniquesInfinity Rush5
70Calverley Canine CrusadersCarry on Regardless9