Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1CommandosFocus Impossibles 1
2Paws8Northlincs Never Say Die 2
3Phantom FuryAntics in Acceleration2
4Nene Valley PacersFocus 1
5Commandos Toot n Go Brigg Muttley Missiles1
6Yorkshire Leapers DogStar Dark Knights3
7GoFours ImpsRavensdale Ravens4
8Focus Kimbas Brigg Muttley Mavericks2
9SpringersDoggylicious Delights5
10Commandos Strike Force GoFours Poachers3
11Nene Valley RelaysActive Antics5
12Zebedee SpringersBrigg Muttley Mischief3
13Commandos Toot n Go Commandos1
14Antics With Attitude GoFours Yellowbellies4
15Focus Impossibles Nene Valley Pacers1
16Phantom FuryPaws82
17Antics in AccelerationBrigg Muttley Mavericks2
18Northlincs Never Say Die Focus Kimbas 2
19DogStar Dark KnightsGoFours Poachers3
20Brigg Muttley MischiefCommandos Strike Force 3
21Yorkshire Leapers Zebedee Springers3
22Ravensdale RavensAntics With Attitude 4
23Brigg Muttley MissilesFocus 1
24Commandos Home Guard GoFours Imps4
25Doggylicious DelightsNene Valley Relays5
26Brigg Muttley MadnessSpringers5
27Paws8Focus Kimbas 2
28CommandosNene Valley Pacers1
29Brigg Muttley MavericksPhantom Fury2
30Antics in AccelerationNorthlincs Never Say Die 2
31Focus Commandos Toot n Go 1
32GoFours PoachersYorkshire Leapers 3
33DogStar Dark KnightsBrigg Muttley Mischief3
34Zebedee SpringersCommandos Strike Force 3
35Antics With Attitude GoFours Imps4
36Brigg Muttley MissilesFocus Impossibles 1
37Nene Valley RelaysSpringers5
38GoFours YellowbelliesCommandos Home Guard 4
39Active AnticsBrigg Muttley Madness5
40Focus Kimbas Phantom Fury2
41Nene Valley PacersCommandos Toot n Go 1
42Paws8Antics in Acceleration2
43Northlincs Never Say Die Brigg Muttley Mavericks2
44Focus Impossibles Focus 1
45Commandos Strike Force Yorkshire Leapers 3
46Zebedee SpringersDogStar Dark Knights3
47Brigg Muttley MischiefGoFours Poachers3
48Ravensdale RavensCommandos Home Guard 4
49SpringersActive Antics5
50Doggylicious DelightsBrigg Muttley Madness5
51Commandos Toot n Go Focus Impossibles 1
52Phantom FuryNorthlincs Never Say Die 2
53Brigg Muttley MissilesNene Valley Pacers1
54Focus Commandos1
55GoFours YellowbelliesRavensdale Ravens4
56Brigg Muttley MavericksPaws82
57DogStar Dark KnightsCommandos Strike Force 3
58Antics in AccelerationFocus Kimbas 2
59Yorkshire Leapers Brigg Muttley Mischief3
60GoFours PoachersZebedee Springers3
61Commandos Home Guard Antics With Attitude 4
62Brigg Muttley MadnessNene Valley Relays5
63GoFours ImpsGoFours Yellowbellies4
64Active AnticsDoggylicious Delights5
65CommandosBrigg Muttley Missiles1