Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Carry on fumbling Black Adders Go Forth9
2FocusHigh Flyers1
3Critical Impact Aces holdem1
4Geordie Racers Muskerhound Misfits4
5Black AddersHigh Flyers On The Fly4
6NorthLincsFocus Fidgets4
7GoFours PoachersEclipse of the heart 5
8High Flyers TurbulenceAces1
9Carry on RoaringFocus Hit Squad 5
10Eclipse of the moon Geordie Warriors7
11Phantom flash High Flyers Mayday 7
12Critical Impact Smash n GrabFocus Kimba 5
13Black Adders Go ForthMuskerhound Mysteries9
14Rainbow reflectionzCarry on fumbling 9
15Geordie HeroesDoncaster Eastern Stars9
16Critical Impact Focus1
17Muskerhound MisfitsBlack Adders4
18High FlyersHigh Flyers Turbulence1
19Aces holdemAces1
20NorthLincsGeordie Racers 4
21Focus FidgetsHigh Flyers On The Fly4
22GoFours PoachersCarry on Roaring5
23Northdene's Need for SpeedEclipse of the moon 7
24Focus Hit Squad Critical Impact Smash n Grab5
25Geordie WarriorsPhantom flash 7
26Muskerhound MysteriesRainbow reflectionz9
27Eclipse of the heart Focus Kimba 5
28Geordie HeroesBlack Adders Go Forth9
29Doncaster Eastern StarsCarry on fumbling 9
30FocusHigh Flyers Turbulence1
31AcesCritical Impact 1
32Geordie Racers Black Adders4
33High Flyers On The FlyNorthLincs4
34Focus FidgetsMuskerhound Misfits4
35Carry on RoaringCritical Impact Smash n Grab5
36Aces holdemHigh Flyers1
37Focus Kimba GoFours Poachers5
38Phantom flash Eclipse of the moon 7
39High Flyers Mayday Northdene's Need for Speed7
40Black Adders Go ForthRainbow reflectionz9
41Eclipse of the heart Focus Hit Squad 5
42Carry on fumbling Geordie Heroes9
43Doncaster Eastern StarsMuskerhound Mysteries9
44High Flyers TurbulenceCritical Impact 1
45Black AddersNorthLincs4
46FocusAces holdem1
47Muskerhound MisfitsHigh Flyers On The Fly4
48Critical Impact Smash n GrabGoFours Poachers5
49Geordie Racers Focus Fidgets4
50High FlyersAces1
51Carry on RoaringEclipse of the heart 5
52Focus Hit Squad Focus Kimba 5
53Geordie WarriorsNorthdene's Need for Speed7
54Eclipse of the moon High Flyers Mayday 7
55Black Adders Go ForthDoncaster Eastern Stars9
56Rainbow reflectionzGeordie Heroes9
57Muskerhound MysteriesCarry on fumbling 9
58Aces holdemHigh Flyers Turbulence1
59Focus FidgetsBlack Adders4
60NorthLincsMuskerhound Misfits4
61Critical Impact High Flyers1
63Northdene's Need for SpeedPhantom flash 7
64High Flyers On The FlyGeordie Racers 4
65Eclipse of the heart Critical Impact Smash n Grab5
66GoFours PoachersFocus Hit Squad 5
67High Flyers Mayday Geordie Warriors7
68Doncaster Eastern StarsRainbow reflectionz9
69Focus Kimba Carry on Roaring5
70Geordie HeroesMuskerhound Mysteries9