Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1DGF ExhibitionistsNRR Without a Paddle5/5O1 -
2PP Mixed PawsLF Freaks and Geeks5/5M2 19.0
3K9K DaredevilsDDD Thrill Seekers5/5O1 -
4OYB No DiggityFF Fortunuts4/4O2 19.0
5TP Motor PawsGDG To the Boxes We Go4/4R3 20.2
6NRR River Rats (VET)LF BASE Jumpers4/4V1/O3 19.7
7PP Pawmetto PrideBR Unhook the Bras4/4R3 20.2
8TSF The Blue LegumeHEA Furry Tales4/4O2 19.0
9FIF Wright FlyersSW Arrr You Ready?4/4R3 20.2
10FF Cashew LaterGDG If You Give a Dog a Cookie5/5M1 -
11NRR Dogs OverboardTP Shake-N-Bake5/5M1 -
12BR Come at Me BroDGF Flashers4/4O2 19.0
13TP OverdriveOYB I Like Big Mutts4/4O4 20.5
14PP Wide OpenSW Barkbarians4/4O4 20.5
15FIF Full ThrottleHOT Tailent Search4/4O4 20.5
16FF No Nuts No GloryK9K Wingmutts5/5R1 -
17DGF Rubber Room RocketsNRR Up the Creek5/5R1 -
18FF Yes PecanTP Powertrain5/5R2 17.0
19LF Adrenaline JunkiesHJJ Santa's Little Yelpers5/5R2 17.0
20TP Speed UnleashedGDG One Pup Two Pup5/5O3 19.7
21FFF JumpmastersNRR River Rats (VET)4/4O3/V1 19.7
22RI Happy CampersDGF Exhibitionists5/5O1 -
23HEA Furry TalesOYB No Diggity4/4O2 19.0
24PP Pawmetto PrideTP Motor Paws4/4R3 20.2
25LF Freaks and GeeksFF To Infinutty and Beyond5/5M2 19.0
26BR Unhook the BrasSW Arrr You Ready?4/4R3 20.2
27GDG To the Boxes We GoFIF Wright Flyers4/4R3 20.2
28NRR Without a PaddleK9K Daredevils5/5O1 -
29OYB I Like Big MuttsPP Wide Open4/4O4 20.5
30DGF FlashersFF Fortunuts4/4O2 19.0
31BR Come at Me BroTSF The Blue Legume4/4O2 19.0
32FIF Full ThrottleTP Overdrive4/4O4 20.5
33HOT Tailent SearchSW Barkbarians4/4O4 20.5
34TP Shake-N-BakeFF Cashew Later5/5M1 -
35GDG If You Give a Dog a CookieNRR Dogs Overboard5/5M1 -
36HJJ Santa's Little YelpersFF Yes Pecan5/5R2 17.0
37K9K WingmuttsDGF Rubber Room Rockets5/5R1 -
38DDD Thrill SeekersRI Happy Campers5/5O1 -
39TP PowertrainLF Adrenaline Junkies5/5R2 17.0
40GDG One Pup Two PupFFF Jumpmasters5/5O3 19.7
41NRR Up the CreekFF No Nuts No Glory5/5R1 -
42SW Arrr You Ready?PP Pawmetto Pride4/4R3 20.2
43K9K DaredevilsDGF Exhibitionists5/5O1 -
44TP Motor PawsFIF Wright Flyers4/4R3 20.2
45BR Unhook the BrasGDG To the Boxes We Go4/4R3 20.2
46TP OverdrivePP Wide Open4/4O4 20.5
47TSF The Blue LegumeOYB No Diggity4/4O2 19.0
48DGF FlashersHEA Furry Tales4/4O2 19.0
49SW BarkbariansFIF Full Throttle4/4O4 20.5
50FF FortunutsBR Come at Me Bro4/4O2 19.0
51TP Speed UnleashedNRR River Rats (VET)4/4O3/V1 19.7
52FF To Infinutty and BeyondPP Mixed Paws5/5M2 19.0
53HOT Tailent SearchOYB I Like Big Mutts4/4O4 20.5
54LF BASE JumpersFFF Jumpmasters5/5O3 19.7
55TP Shake-N-BakeGDG If You Give a Dog a Cookie5/5M1 -
56FF Cashew LaterNRR Dogs Overboard5/5M1 -
57HJJ Santa's Little YelpersTP Powertrain5/5R2 17.0
58FF Yes PecanLF Adrenaline Junkies5/5R2 17.0
59TP Motor PawsBR Unhook the Bras4/4R3 20.2
60FF No Nuts No GloryDGF Rubber Room Rockets5/5R1 -
61NRR Up the CreekK9K Wingmutts5/5R1 -
62FIF Wright FlyersPP Pawmetto Pride4/4R3 20.2
63GDG To the Boxes We GoSW Arrr You Ready?4/4R3 20.2
64OYB No DiggityBR Come at Me Bro4/4O2 19.0
65HEA Furry TalesFF Fortunuts4/4O2 19.0
66NRR Without a PaddleRI Happy Campers5/5O1 -
67TP OverdriveHOT Tailent Search4/4O4 20.5
68LF Freaks and GeeksPP Mixed Paws5/5M2 19.0
69TSF The Blue LegumeDGF Flashers4/4O2 19.0
70OYB I Like Big MuttsSW Barkbarians4/4O4 20.5
71GDG If You Give a Dog a CookieFF Cashew Later3/5M1 -
72TP Shake-N-BakeNRR Dogs Overboard3/5M1 -
73PP Wide OpenFIF Full Throttle4/4O4 20.5
74HJJ Santa's Little YelpersLF Adrenaline Junkies3/5R2 17.0
75DGF ExhibitionistsDDD Thrill Seekers5/5O1 -
76K9K WingmuttsFF No Nuts No Glory3/5R1 -
77PP Pawmetto PrideGDG To the Boxes We Go4/4R3 20.2
78TP PowertrainFF Yes Pecan3/5R2 17.0
79BR Unhook the BrasFIF Wright Flyers4/4R3 20.2
80LF BASE JumpersTP Speed Unleashed5/5O3 19.7
81NRR Up the CreekDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R1 -
82SW Arrr You Ready?TP Motor Paws4/4R3 20.2
83PP Mixed PawsFF To Infinutty and Beyond5/5M2 19.0
84BR Come at Me BroHEA Furry Tales4/4O2 19.0
85RI Happy CampersK9K Daredevils5/5O1 -
86DGF FlashersOYB No Diggity4/4O2 19.0
87NRR River Rats (VET)GDG One Pup Two Pup4/4V1/O3 19.7
88FF FortunutsTSF The Blue Legume4/4O2 19.0
89HOT Tailent SearchPP Wide Open4/4O4 20.5
90FF Cashew LaterTP Shake-N-Bake3/5M1 -
91FIF Full ThrottleOYB I Like Big Mutts4/4O4 20.5
92SW BarkbariansTP Overdrive4/4O4 20.5
93NRR Dogs OverboardGDG If You Give a Dog a Cookie3/5M1 -
94BR Unhook the BrasPP Pawmetto Pride3/3R3 20.2
95FF Yes PecanHJJ Santa's Little Yelpers3/5R2 17.0
96DGF Rubber Room RocketsK9K Wingmutts3/5R1 -
97FF To Infinutty and BeyondLF Freaks and Geeks5/5M2 19.0
98SW Arrr You Ready?FIF Wright Flyers3/3R3 20.2
99DDD Thrill SeekersNRR Without a Paddle5/5O1 -
100GDG To the Boxes We GoTP Motor Paws3/3R3 20.2
101DGF FlashersBR Come at Me Bro3/3O2 19.0
102FFF JumpmastersTP Speed Unleashed5/5O3 19.7
103HEA Furry TalesTSF The Blue Legume3/3O2 19.0
104GDG One Pup Two PupLF BASE Jumpers5/5O3 19.7
105FF No Nuts No GloryNRR Up the Creek3/5R1 -
106OYB I Like Big MuttsTP Overdrive3/3O4 20.5
107SW BarkbariansPP Wide Open3/3O4 20.5
108LF Adrenaline JunkiesTP Powertrain3/5R2 17.0
109HOT Tailent SearchFIF Full Throttle3/3O4 20.5
110FF FortunutsOYB No Diggity3/3O2 19.0
111LF Adrenaline JunkiesFF Yes Pecan3/5R2 17.0
112TP PowertrainHJJ Santa's Little Yelpers3/5R2 17.0
113NRR Without a PaddleDGF Exhibitionists3/5O1 -
114DDD Thrill SeekersK9K Daredevils3/5O1 -
115OYB No DiggityHEA Furry Tales3/3O2 19.0
116PP Mixed PawsLF Freaks and Geeks3/5M2 19.0
117TSF The Blue LegumeBR Come at Me Bro3/3O2 19.0
118FF FortunutsDGF Flashers3/3O2 19.0
119GDG One Pup Two PupTP Speed Unleashed5/5O3 19.7
120PP Wide OpenOYB I Like Big Mutts3/3O4 20.5
121LF BASE JumpersNRR River Rats (VET)4/4O3/V1 19.7
122SW BarkbariansHOT Tailent Search3/3O4 20.5
123TP OverdriveFIF Full Throttle3/3O4 20.5
124DGF Rubber Room RocketsFF No Nuts No Glory3/5R1 -
125TP Motor PawsPP Pawmetto Pride3/3R3 20.2
126K9K WingmuttsNRR Up the Creek3/5R1 -
127SW Arrr You Ready?BR Unhook the Bras3/3R3 20.2
128FIF Wright FlyersGDG To the Boxes We Go3/3R3 20.2
129DGF ExhibitionistsRI Happy Campers3/5O1 -
130LF Freaks and GeeksFF To Infinutty and Beyond3/5M2 19.0
131K9K DaredevilsNRR Without a Paddle3/5O1 -
132BR Come at Me BroFF Fortunuts3/3O2 19.0
133GDG If You Give a Dog a CookieTP Shake-N-Bake3/5M1 -
134OYB No DiggityTSF The Blue Legume3/3O2 19.0
135HEA Furry TalesDGF Flashers3/3O2 19.0
136NRR River Rats (VET)FFF Jumpmasters4/4V1/O3 19.7
137TP Speed UnleashedLF BASE Jumpers5/5O3 19.7
138FIF Full ThrottleSW Barkbarians3/3O4 20.5
139PP Wide OpenTP Overdrive3/3O4 20.5
140NRR Dogs OverboardFF Cashew Later3/5M1 -
141OYB I Like Big MuttsHOT Tailent Search3/3O4 20.5
142FF Yes PecanTP Powertrain3/5R2 17.0
143LF Adrenaline JunkiesHJJ Santa's Little Yelpers3/5R2 17.0
144RI Happy CampersDDD Thrill Seekers3/5O1 -
145LF Freaks and GeeksPP Mixed Paws3/5M2 19.0
146DGF ExhibitionistsK9K Daredevils3/5O1 -
147FIF Wright FlyersTP Motor Paws3/3R3 20.2
148GDG To the Boxes We GoBR Unhook the Bras3/3R3 20.2
149PP Pawmetto PrideSW Arrr You Ready?3/3R3 20.2
150FF No Nuts No GloryK9K Wingmutts3/5R1 -
151DGF Rubber Room RocketsNRR Up the Creek3/5R1 -
152FFF JumpmastersGDG One Pup Two Pup5/5O3 19.7
153BR Come at Me BroOYB No Diggity3/3O2 19.0
154DGF FlashersTSF The Blue Legume3/3O2 19.0
155FF Cashew LaterGDG If You Give a Dog a Cookie3/5M1 -
156NRR Dogs OverboardTP Shake-N-Bake3/5M1 -
157SW BarkbariansOYB I Like Big Mutts3/3O4 20.5
158HOT Tailent SearchTP Overdrive3/3O4 20.5
159FF To Infinutty and BeyondPP Mixed Paws3/5M2 19.0
160NRR River Rats (VET)TP Speed Unleashed4/4V1/O3 19.7
161DDD Thrill SeekersDGF Exhibitionists3/5O1 -
162TP PowertrainHJJ Santa's Little Yelpers3/5R2 17.0
163FF Yes PecanLF Adrenaline Junkies3/5R2 17.0
164RI Happy CampersNRR Without a Paddle3/5O1 -
165FIF Full ThrottlePP Wide Open3/3O4 20.5
166FF FortunutsHEA Furry Tales3/3O2 19.0
167FFF JumpmastersLF BASE Jumpers5/5O3 19.7
168BR Unhook the BrasTP Motor Paws3/3R3 20.2
169SW Arrr You Ready?GDG To the Boxes We Go3/3R3 20.2
170PP Pawmetto PrideFIF Wright Flyers3/3R3 20.2
171FF No Nuts No GloryDGF Rubber Room Rockets3/5R1 -
172K9K WingmuttsNRR Up the Creek3/5R1 -
173TP OverdriveSW Barkbarians3/3O4 20.5
174FF To Infinutty and BeyondLF Freaks and Geeks3/5M2 19.0
175GDG One Pup Two PupNRR River Rats (VET)4/4O3/V1 19.7
176OYB No DiggityDGF Flashers3/3O2 19.0
177GDG If You Give a Dog a CookieTP Shake-N-Bake3/5M1 -
178K9K DaredevilsRI Happy Campers3/5O1 -
179FF Cashew LaterNRR Dogs Overboard3/5M1 -
180PP Wide OpenHOT Tailent Search3/3O4 20.5
181OYB I Like Big MuttsFIF Full Throttle3/3O4 20.5
182HEA Furry TalesBR Come at Me Bro3/3O2 19.0
183NRR Without a PaddleDDD Thrill Seekers3/5O1 -
184TSF The Blue LegumeFF Fortunuts3/3O2 19.0
185GDG To the Boxes We GoPP Pawmetto Pride3/3R3 20.2
186TP Speed UnleashedFFF Jumpmasters5/5O3 19.7
187FIF Wright FlyersBR Unhook the Bras3/3R3 20.2
188TP Motor PawsSW Arrr You Ready?3/3R3 20.2
189PP Mixed PawsFF To Infinutty and Beyond3/5M2 19.0
190LF BASE JumpersGDG One Pup Two Pup5/5O3 19.7
191TIEBREAKER - FIF Full ThrottleTIEBREAKER - HOT Tailent SearchO4
193TIEBREAKER - DDD Thrill SeekersTIEBREAKER - RI Happy CampersO1