Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Turbo Paws PowertrainAlamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasR2
2BC Boomerangs KIWISTwo-Lane Highway Boston BashO8
3Ball Driven Bandits F.A.B.S.Rockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionR3
4E-Z-Goin' Dirt DiggersSkidmarkz Rump ShakersO1
5Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs CanAm VirginsBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESR4
6Long Island Road Rage NonstopRabid Fire PyromaniacsR4
7New River Rapids Up The CreekFur in a Blur Gale ForceR1
8Zero Gravity Zero GravityBitches Be Crazy Off the ChainO7
9Music City Road Dogs Backstage PassBlue Ridge Blast UnpluggedR3
10Weston Whirlwinds ThunderAlamo Racing Canines These Paws Were Made For FlyingO4
11Outrun Pedal to the MetalDogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsR1
12Droolin Dragsters Droolin' DragstersSkidmarkz Tail WindO6
13Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeBC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSO7
14Rocket City Racers Cosmic StraysDixie Flyers Aisle SeatO5
15No Speed Limit - Light SpeedBC Boomerangs BASHR3
16Rabid Fire HydrophobiacsLone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsO4
17Carolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameReady, Set, Ruckus! Ruck 'N' RollO5
18All Revd Up Turn N BurnNew River Rapids Without A PaddleO3
19InTune Sportdogs ITS A Family AffairOutrun Fast FriendsO3
20Skidmarkz Back DraftClean Break BingeworthyO2
21Canine Dirt Diggers QuicksandRevolution Flyball Splinter CellO2
22Fur Fun Fun & GamesDogGoneFast Lithium LiftoffR2
23Pacific Pups Surf's UpBC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSO6
24Fur in a Blur Jet StreamDixie Flyers WingNutsM1
25Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildHappily Evfur After The EndM1
26Two-Lane Highway Boston BashExtreme Insanity Piper's PitO8
27Heads or Tails Heads Up!Happy Hurdlers HopO5
28Skidmarkz Rump ShakersPSF Next of KinO1
29New River Rapids Friday FarmDogs!Go Dog Go Fear the BeardO8
30Music City Road Dogs Jam SessionNew River Express Train WreckO4
31Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs CanAm VirginsBC Boomerangs COBBERSR4
32Revolution Flyball BattalionFur in a Blur CycloneO3
33BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESRabid Fire PyromaniacsR4
34Omaha Speedracers OSR WhammyTurbo Paws PowertrainR2
35Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildOutrun Pedal to the MetalR1
36Dixie Flyers Crop DustersLong Island Road Rage NonstopR4
37Two-Lane Highway Prison BreakDroolin Dragsters Droolin' DragstersO6
38DogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsNew River Rapids Up The CreekR1
39Lone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsWeston Whirlwinds ThunderO4
40All Revd Up AfterburnerE-Z-Goin' Dirt DiggersO1
41No Speed Limit - Light SpeedMusic City Road Dogs Backstage PassR3
42BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSTurbo Paws DownforceO7
43Blue Ridge Blast UnpluggedBall Driven Bandits F.A.B.S.R3
44Clean Break BingeworthyCanine Dirt Diggers QuicksandO2
45Alamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasFur Fun Fun & GamesR2
46Quick Silver Dan's fansSkidmarkz Back DraftO2
47Fur in a Blur Jet StreamAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildM1
48Dixie Flyers Aisle SeatCarolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameO5
49Heads or Tails Heads Up!Rocket City Racers Cosmic StraysO5
50Happy Hurdlers HopReady, Set, Ruckus! Ruck 'N' RollO5
51BC Boomerangs BASHRockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionR3
52Music City Road Dogs Jam SessionRabid Fire HydrophobiacsO4
53New River Express Train WreckAlamo Racing Canines These Paws Were Made For FlyingO4
54Revolution Flyball BattalionAll Revd Up Turn N BurnO3
55Fur in a Blur CycloneOutrun Fast FriendsO3
56Dixie Flyers WingNuts*** BYE RACE ***M1
57Skidmarkz Tail WindPacific Pups Surf's UpO6
58PSF Next of KinAnimal Inn JinxO1
59BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSTwo-Lane Highway Prison BreakO6
60New River Rapids Without A PaddleInTune Sportdogs ITS A Family AffairO3
61Go Dog Go Fear the BeardBC Boomerangs KIWISO8
62Rabid Fire PyromaniacsRapids Intens-A-Flyrs CanAm VirginsR4
63Fur in a Blur Gale ForceAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR1
64DogGoneFast Lithium LiftoffOmaha Speedracers OSR WhammyR2
65Turbo Paws DownforceZero Gravity Zero GravityO7
66Skidmarkz Rump ShakersAll Revd Up AfterburnerO1
67Music City Road Dogs Backstage PassBall Driven Bandits F.A.B.S.R3
68Revolution Flyball Splinter CellQuick Silver Dan's fansO2
69BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESDixie Flyers Crop DustersR4
70Extreme Insanity Piper's PitNew River Rapids Friday FarmDogs!O8
71BC Boomerangs COBBERSLong Island Road Rage NonstopR4
72Rocket City Racers Cosmic StraysCarolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameO5
73Ready, Set, Ruckus! Ruck 'N' RollHeads or Tails Heads Up!O5
74Bitches Be Crazy Off the ChainAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO7
75Alamo Racing Canines These Paws Were Made For FlyingMusic City Road Dogs Jam SessionO4
76Rabid Fire HydrophobiacsWeston Whirlwinds ThunderO4
77Outrun Fast FriendsRevolution Flyball BattalionO3
78Rockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionNo Speed Limit - Light SpeedR3
79Happily Evfur After The EndDixie Flyers WingNutsM1
80Animal Inn JinxE-Z-Goin' Dirt DiggersO1
81BC Boomerangs BASHBlue Ridge Blast UnpluggedR3
82All Revd Up Turn N BurnInTune Sportdogs ITS A Family AffairO3
83Two-Lane Highway Boston BashGo Dog Go Fear the BeardO8
84*** BYE RACE ***Fur in a Blur Jet StreamM1
85New River Rapids Up The CreekOutrun Pedal to the MetalR1
86Fur Fun Fun & GamesTurbo Paws PowertrainR2
87DogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildR1
88Pacific Pups Surf's UpDroolin Dragsters Droolin' DragstersO6
89Zero Gravity Zero GravityBC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSO7
90Happy Hurdlers HopDixie Flyers Aisle SeatO5
91New River Express Train WreckLone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsO4
92Skidmarkz Tail WindTwo-Lane Highway Prison BreakO6
93Long Island Road Rage NonstopRapids Intens-A-Flyrs CanAm VirginsR4
94Alamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasOmaha Speedracers OSR WhammyR2
95Fur in a Blur CycloneNew River Rapids Without A PaddleO3
96PSF Next of KinAll Revd Up AfterburnerO1
97BC Boomerangs COBBERSBC Boomerangs NO WORRIESR4
98Turbo Paws DownforceAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeO7
99Weston Whirlwinds ThunderMusic City Road Dogs Jam SessionO4
100Dixie Flyers Crop DustersRabid Fire PyromaniacsR4
101Canine Dirt Diggers QuicksandSkidmarkz Back DraftO2
102Carolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameHeads or Tails Heads Up!O5
103Ball Driven Bandits F.A.B.S.No Speed Limit - Light SpeedR3
104Clean Break BingeworthyQuick Silver Dan's fansO2
105BC Boomerangs KIWISNew River Rapids Friday FarmDogs!O8
106Blue Ridge Blast UnpluggedRockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionR3
107Music City Road Dogs Backstage PassBC Boomerangs BASHR3
108Dixie Flyers WingNutsAlaska Dogs Gone Wild Running WildM1
109Outrun Pedal to the MetalFur in a Blur Gale ForceR1
110InTune Sportdogs ITS A Family AffairRevolution Flyball BattalionO3
111Turbo Paws PowertrainDogGoneFast Lithium LiftoffR2
112BC Boomerangs NOR'EASTERSBitches Be Crazy Off the ChainO7
113Go Dog Go Fear the BeardExtreme Insanity Piper's PitO8
114Rocket City Racers Cosmic StraysHappy Hurdlers HopO5
115Rabid Fire HydrophobiacsNew River Express Train WreckO4
116Dixie Flyers Aisle SeatReady, Set, Ruckus! Ruck 'N' RollO5
117All Revd Up Turn N BurnFur in a Blur CycloneO3
118Lone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsAlamo Racing Canines These Paws Were Made For FlyingO4
119Omaha Speedracers OSR WhammyFur Fun Fun & GamesR2
120Droolin Dragsters Droolin' DragstersBC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSO6
121New River Rapids Without A PaddleOutrun Fast FriendsO3
122Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Flash FreezeZero Gravity Zero GravityO7
123Skidmarkz Back DraftRevolution Flyball Splinter CellO2
124*** BYE RACE ***Happily Evfur After The EndM1
125E-Z-Goin' Dirt DiggersPSF Next of KinO1
126Quick Silver Dan's fansCanine Dirt Diggers QuicksandO2
127All Revd Up AfterburnerAnimal Inn JinxO1
128Rabid Fire PyromaniacsBC Boomerangs COBBERSR4
129Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs CanAm VirginsDixie Flyers Crop DustersR4
130Two-Lane Highway Prison BreakPacific Pups Surf's UpO6
131Fur in a Blur Gale ForceDogGoneFast Rubber Room RocketsR1
132Rockin Flyball Gang Loco MotionMusic City Road Dogs Backstage PassR3
133Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Born to Be WildNew River Rapids Up The CreekR1
134Bitches Be Crazy Off the ChainTurbo Paws DownforceO7
135No Speed Limit - Light SpeedBlue Ridge Blast UnpluggedR3
136Extreme Insanity Piper's PitBC Boomerangs KIWISO8
137Happy Hurdlers HopCarolina Overdrive Too Tough to TameO5
138BC Boomerangs NO WORRIESLong Island Road Rage NonstopR4
139Heads or Tails Heads Up!Dixie Flyers Aisle SeatO5
140DogGoneFast Lithium LiftoffAlamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With TexasR2
141Fur in a Blur CycloneInTune Sportdogs ITS A Family AffairO3
142BC Boomerangs CANINE AIRWAYSSkidmarkz Tail WindO6
143Outrun Fast FriendsAll Revd Up Turn N BurnO3
144New River Rapids Friday FarmDogs!Two-Lane Highway Boston BashO8
145Revolution Flyball Splinter CellClean Break BingeworthyO2
146New River Express Train WreckWeston Whirlwinds ThunderO4
147Ready, Set, Ruckus! Ruck 'N' RollRocket City Racers Cosmic StraysO5
148Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Running Wild*** BYE RACE ***M1
149Alamo Racing Canines These Paws Were Made For FlyingRabid Fire HydrophobiacsO4
150BC Boomerangs BASHBall Driven Bandits F.A.B.S.R3
151Happily Evfur After The EndFur in a Blur Jet StreamM1
152BC Boomerangs COBBERSDixie Flyers Crop DustersR4
153Revolution Flyball BattalionNew River Rapids Without A PaddleO3
154Music City Road Dogs Jam SessionLone Star Ruffnecks Rig RatsO4
155Animal Inn JinxSkidmarkz Rump ShakersO1