Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Funky FantasticsCarry on over reacting 5
2Relentless RevolutionTrailblazers Pioneers5
3Ricochet BHigh Flyers Turbulence2
4Born to Bark Funky Fidos4
5Focus NuttersMolten Magnets2
6Ricochet CCarry on roaring4
7Trailblazers ScoutsHigh Flyers FoundationFoundation
8Molten MaybesAces 2Foundation
9Be Right Back PossiblyTrailblazers ScoutsFoundation
10High Flyers FoundationMolten MaybesFoundation
11Aces 2Be Right Back PossiblyFoundation
12Risk-itJJSingles 1
13FinchSkylaSingles 1
14JyangoMikaSingles 1
15Trailblazers PioneersFunky Fantastics5
16Be Right Back in a mo Relentless Revolution5
17High Flyers Red AlertBorn to Bark 4
18Funky FidosRicochet C4
19High Flyers on the FlyFocus Nutters2
20Molten MagnetsRicochet B2
21FenrirBelleFoundation Singles 1
22TillyFernFoundation Singles 1
23MollyFenrirFoundation Singles 1
24BelleTillyFoundation Singles 1
25FernMollyFoundation Singles 1
26PaceTazSingles 2
27AmberMajorSingles 2
28MekaSebSingles 2
29Carry on over reacting Be Right Back in a mo 5
30Funky FantasticsRelentless Revolution5
31Ricochet CBorn to Bark 4
32Carry on roaringHigh Flyers Red Alert4
33Ricochet BFocus Nutters2
34High Flyers TurbulenceHigh Flyers on the Fly2
35Molten MaybesTrailblazers ScoutsFoundation
36High Flyers FoundationBe Right Back PossiblyFoundation
37Trailblazers ScoutsAces 2Foundation
38Be Right Back PossiblyMolten MaybesFoundation
39Aces 2High Flyers FoundationFoundation
40SkylaRisk-itSingles 1
41MikaFinchSingles 1
42JJJyangoSingles 1
43Funky FidosHigh Flyers Red Alert4
44Trailblazers PioneersBe Right Back in a mo 5
45Relentless RevolutionCarry on over reacting 5
46Molten MagnetsHigh Flyers on the Fly2
47Born to Bark carry on roaring4
48Focus NuttersHigh Flyers Turbulence2
49TillyFenrirFoundation Singles 1
50BelleMollyFoundation Singles 1
51FenrirFernFoundation Singles 1
52MollyTillyFoundation Singles 1
53FernBelleFoundation Singles 1
54MajorPaceSingles 2
55SebAmberSingles 2
56TazMekaSingles 2
57High Flyers TurbulenceMolten Magnets2
58Be Right Back in a mo Funky Fantastics5
59Carry on over reacting Trailblazers Pioneers5
60High Flyers Red AlertRicochet C4
61Carry on roaringFunky Fidos4
62High Flyers on the FlyRicochet B2