Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Aces DiamondsMolten Meteors 3
2Relentless PursuitCarry on and on and on6
3RicochetAces Hold em1
4Trailblazers TrekkersRelentless Reaction6
5Be Right Back in a flashCarry ons3
6AcesHigh flyers1
7FinesseHighly UnlikelyFoundation
8Fluffy FunkiesAces 1Foundation
9Be Right Back PossiblyFinesseFoundation
10Highly UnlikelyFluffy FunkiesFoundation
11Aces 1Be Right Back PossiblyFoundation
12MontyTriggaSingles 3
13ForrestOllieSingles 3
14FlashMaxSingles 3
15Molten MonarchTrailblazers Trekkers6
16Relentless ReactionRelentless Pursuit6
17Carry onsAces Diamonds3
18TrailblazersBe Right Back in a flash3
19Finesse ARicochet1
20Aces Hold emAces1
21TobyZiggyFoundation Singles 1
22SebastianJoeyFoundation Singles 1
23RoccoTobyFoundation Singles 1
24ZiggySebastianFoundation Singles 1
25JoeyRoccoFoundation Singles 1
26PepsiCiscoFoundation Singles 2
27SummerWillowFoundation Singles 2
28ReubenPepsiFoundation Singles 2
29CiscoSummerFoundation Singles 2
30WillowReubenFoundation Singles 2
31Relentless PursuitTrailblazers Trekkers6
32Carry on and on and onMolten Monarch6
33Aces DiamondsBe Right Back in a flash3
34Molten MeteorsTrailblazers3
35High flyersFinesse A1
37Fluffy FunkiesFinesseFoundation
38Highly UnlikelyBe Right Back PossiblyFoundation
39FinesseAces 1Foundation
40Be Right Back PossiblyFluffy FunkiesFoundation
41Aces 1Highly UnlikelyFoundation
42OllieMontySingles 3
43MaxForrestSingles 3
44TriggaFlashSingles 3
45Trailblazers TrekkersCarry on and on and on6
46Relentless ReactionMolten Monarch6
47Carry onsTrailblazers3
48Aces Hold emFinesse A1
49Be Right Back in a flashMolten Meteors3
50RicochetHigh flyers1
51SebastianTobyFoundation Singles 1
52ZiggyRoccoFoundation Singles 1
53TobyJoeyFoundation Singles 1
54RoccoSebastianFoundation Singles 1
55JoeyZiggyFoundation Singles 1
56SummerPepsiFoundation Singles 2
57CiscoReubenFoundation Singles 2
58PepsiWillowFoundation Singles 2
59ReubenSummerFoundation Singles 2
60WillowCiscoFoundation Singles 2
61Carry on and on and onRelentless Reaction6
62TrailblazersAces Diamonds3
63Molten MonarchRelentless Pursuit6
64Finesse AAces1
65Molten MeteorsCarry ons3
66High flyersAces Hold em1