Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamClass
1Chef and Destiny Alfie and Luna PAIRS 1a
2Dobby Artie SINGLES 3a
3Lexi Mayhem stooge Lottie PC5
4SevenMutts stoogePC3
5Buzz and LokiRen and DeckerPC11
6Ty and Captin Evvie and GrootPAIRS 2a
7River DeanoSINGLES 4a
8WoganMutts stooge No dogs insidePC1
9Wilf and LyraEvie and TPC6
10TopazNo other dog PC10
11Bailey and MossHolly and TPAIRS 3a
12Rusty Trixie SINGLES 1a
13Mary TazPC12
14Darcy with Lottie Zero PC7
15Maz Mutts stoogePC2
16Doug and Wesley Ash and Bobby PAIRS 4a
17StormRuben SINGLES 2a
18Tess ZakPC8
19Nike Ash PC4
20Creed and SundayNo other dog PC9
21Hoax Luna PC10
22Evvie and GrootChef and Destiny PAIRS 1b
23DeanoDobby SINGLES 3b
24Lexi Mayhem stooge Lottie PC5
25SevenMutts stoogePC3
26Buzz and LokiRen and DeckerPC11
27Holly and TTy and Captin PAIRS 2b
28Artie River SINGLES 4b
29WoganMutts stooge No dogs insidePC1
30Wilf and LyraEvie and TPC6
31TopazNo other dog PC10
32Bailey and MossDoug and Wesley PAIRS 3b
33Trixie StormSINGLES 2b
34Mary TazPC12
35Darcy with Lottie Zero PC7
36Maz Mutts stoogePC2
37Alfie and Luna Ash and Bobby PAIRS 4b
38Ruben Rusty SINGLES 1b
39Tess ZakPC8
40Nike Ash PC4
41Creed and SundayNO other dogPC9
42Hoax Luna PC10
43Evvie and GrootDoug and Wesley PAIRS 1c
44Rusty Trixie SINGLES 1c
45Lexi Mayhem stooge Lottie PC5
46SevenMutts stoogePC3
47Buzz and LokiRen and DeckerPC11
48Ty and Captin Alfie and Luna PAIRS 2c
49DeanoArtie SINGLES 3c
50WoganMutts stooge No dogs insidePC1
51Wilf and LyraEvie and TPC6
52TopazNo other dog PC10
53Chef and Destiny Ash and Bobby PAIRS 3c
54River Dobby SINGLES 4c
55Mary TazPC12
56Darcy with Lottie Zero PC7
57Maz Mutts stoogePC2
58Holly and TBailey and MossPAIRS 4c
59StormRuben SINGLES 2c
60Tess ZakPC8
61Nike Ash PC4
62Creed and SundayNO other dogPC9
63Hoax Luna PC10