Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
3High Flyers TurbulenceYorkshire RocketsRR2
4Focus impossiblesAces diamondsRR2
5Live WiresCarry onsRR2
6High Flyers On the FlyFREEDOMRR3
7NorthLincs never say dieYorkshire BouncersRR3
8Wire FlashFunky Fidos flyballersRR3
9Commandos on ManoeuvresExtremely CriticalRR4
10Aces heartsHigh FlyersRR1
11Carry on regardlessRicochet BRR4
12Yorkshire LeapersCommandos Strike ForceRR4
13Trigger Happy GangFunky fantasticsRR5
14FREEDOM FRENZYKeep calm and carry onRR5
15Hucknall LyricsCopper WiresRR5
17Aces diamondsHigh Flyers TurbulenceRR2
18Yorkshire RocketsLive WiresRR2
19Carry onsFocus impossiblesRR2
20High FlyersAcesRR1
21FREEDOMNorthLincs never say dieRR3
22Yorkshire BouncersWire FlashRR3
23RicochetAces heartsRR1
24Funky Fidos flyballersHigh Flyers On the FlyRR3
25Extremely CriticalYorkshire LeapersRR4
26Ricochet BCommandos on ManoeuvresRR4
27Keep calm and carry onTrigger Happy GangRR5
28Funky fantasticsHucknall LyricsRR5
30Commandos Strike ForceCarry on regardlessRR4
31High Flyers TurbulenceFocus impossiblesRR2
32AcesAces heartsRR1
33Yorkshire RocketsCarry onsRR2
34CommandosHigh FlyersRR1
36Live WiresAces diamondsRR2
37NorthLincs never say dieFunky Fidos flyballersRR3
38FREEDOMYorkshire BouncersRR3
39High Flyers On the FlyWire FlashRR3
40Commandos on ManoeuvresCarry on regardlessRR4
41Yorkshire LeapersRicochet BRR4
42Trigger Happy GangFREEDOM FRENZYRR5
43Extremely CriticalCommandos Strike ForceRR4
44Hucknall LyricsKeep calm and carry onRR5
45Funky fantasticsCopper WiresRR5
47High FlyersRicochetRR1
48Focus impossiblesYorkshire RocketsRR2
49Aces diamondsCarry onsRR2
50Live WiresHigh Flyers TurbulenceRR2
51Funky Fidos flyballersYorkshire BouncersRR3
52Aces heartsFocusRR1
53NorthLincs never say dieHigh Flyers On the FlyRR3
54Wire FlashFREEDOMRR3
55Yorkshire LeapersCommandos on ManoeuvresRR4
56Carry on regardlessExtremely CriticalRR4
57Hucknall LyricsTrigger Happy GangRR5
58Ricochet BCommandos Strike ForceRR4
59FREEDOM FRENZYFunky fantasticsRR5
60Keep calm and carry onCopper WiresRR5
61Aces heartsCommandosRR1
62FocusHigh FlyersRR1
63Wire FlashNorthLincs never say dieRR3
65Carry onsHigh Flyers TurbulenceRR2
66Focus impossiblesLive WiresRR2
67Yorkshire RocketsAces diamondsRR2
68FREEDOMFunky Fidos flyballersRR3
69Commandos Strike ForceCommandos on ManoeuvresRR4
70Yorkshire BouncersHigh Flyers On the FlyRR3
71Extremely CriticalRicochet BRR4
72FREEDOM FRENZYHucknall LyricsRR5
73Carry on regardlessYorkshire LeapersRR4
74Copper WiresTrigger Happy GangRR5
75Funky fantasticsKeep calm and carry onRR5