Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1Hawkeye Hustlers Derecho DogsTouch N Go E5/5S215.00
2Stampede Chain ReactionWTF Wicked Fast5/5S215.00
3Turn n Burn Pair 1Arizona Supercharged Pair 14/4Pairsn/a
4Hawkeye Hustlers Covid K9sVegas Velocity Mach III5/5S317.00
5Stampede Caducous RunBe Right Back Rumor Has It5/5S317.00
6Touch N Go COmaha Speed Racers Mingle5/5S1n/a
7WTF What the FunTurn n Burn Blowin Smoke P/U5/5S418.00
8Arizona Supercharged Road Trip P/UVegas Velocity Mach II5/5S418.00
9Stampede Out of ControlTouch N Go B5/5S1n/a
10WTF Dog 3WTF Dog 44/4Singlesn/a
11Arizona Supercharged Shiitaken/a4/4Singlesn/a
12Touch N Go Pair 1Touch N Go Pair 24/4Pairsn/a
13Be Right Back JackBe Right Back Lucy4/4Singlesn/a
14Turn n Burn Burnin' Bridges P/UHawkeye Hustlers Derecho Dogs5/5S215.00
15Touch N Go EStampede Chain Reaction5/5S215.00
16Vegas Velocity PairsArizona Supercharged Pair 24/4Pairsn/a
17Be Right Back Beep!Turn n Burn Kruz'n4/4Singlesn/a
18Omaha Speed Racers WhammyHawkeye Hustlers Covid K9s5/5S317.00
19Vegas Velocity Mach IIIStampede Caducous Run5/5S317.00
20Touch N Go Pair 3Touch N Go Pair 44/4Pairsn/a
21Arizona Supercharged JetTurn n Burn Daenerys4/4Singlesn/a
22WTF Dog 1WTF Dog 24/4Singlesn/a
23Omaha Speed Racers MingleTouch N Go B5/5S1n/a
24Turn n Burn Blowin Smoke P/UVegas Velocity Mach II5/5S418.00
25WTF What the FunArizona Supercharged Road Trip P/U5/5S418.00
26Touch N Go CStampede Out of Control5/5S1n/a
27Arizona Supercharged Zazun/a4/4Singlesn/a
28WTF Wicked FastTurn n Burn Burnin' Bridges P/U5/5S215.00
29Stampede Chain ReactionHawkeye Hustlers Derecho Dogs5/5S215.00
30Be Right Back Rumor Has ItOmaha Speed Racers Whammy5/5S317.00
31Touch N Go Pair 5Touch N Go Pair 64/4Pairsn/a
32Stampede Caducous RunHawkeye Hustlers Covid K9s5/5S317.00
33Turn n Burn Kruz'nBe Right Back Beep!4/4Singlesn/a
34Touch N Go BTouch N Go C5/5S1n/a
35Vegas Velocity Mach IIWTF What the Fun5/5S418.00
36Omaha Speed Racers MingleStampede Out of Control5/5S1n/a
37Turn n Burn Blowin Smoke P/UArizona Supercharged Road Trip P/U5/5S418.00
38Touch N Go Pair 2Touch N Go Pair 14/4Pairsn/a
39WTF Dog 4WTF Dog 34/4Singlesn/a
40Arizona Supercharged Jet4/4Singlesn/a
41Touch N Go ETurn n Burn Burnin' Bridges P/U5/5S215.00
42Hawkeye Hustlers Derecho DogsWTF Wicked Fast5/5S215.00
43Arizona Supercharged Pair 1Turn n Burn Pair 14/4Pairsn/a
44Touch N Go Pair 4Touch N Go Pair 34/4Pairsn/a
45Vegas Velocity Mach IIIOmaha Speed Racers Whammy5/5S317.00
46Hawkeye Hustlers Covid K9sBe Right Back Rumor Has It5/5S317.00
47Touch N Go Pair 6Touch N Go Pair 54/4Pairsn/a
48Arizona Supercharged Pair 2Vegas Velocity Pairs4/4Pairsn/a
49WTF Dog 2WTF Dog 14/4Singlesn/a
50Seed #1Seed #25/5S1n/a
51Seed #1Seed #25/5S418.00
52Seed #3Seed #45/5S418.00
53Seed #3Seed #45/5S1n/a
54Be Right Back LucyBe Right Back Jack4/4Singlesn/a
55Arizona Supercharged Zazu4/4Singlesn/a
56Turn n Burn Burnin' Bridges P/UStampede Chain Reaction5/5S215.00
57WTF Wicked FastTouch N Go E5/5S215.00
58Turn n Burn DaenerysArizona Supercharged Shiitake4/4Singlesn/a
59Omaha Speed Racers WhammyStampede Caducous Run5/5S317.00
60Be Right Back Rumor Has ItVegas Velocity Mach III5/5S317.00