Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Rude Dogs ZonePre Flight
2No Club Affiliation HyloPre Flight
3High Velocity JunglePre Flight
4Power Unleashed Dog 1Pre Flight
5Bordering On Insanity MadisonPre Flight
6Glacier Shakers StaticPre Flight
7No Club Affiliation SkyePre Flight
8Power Unleashed Dog 2Pre Flight
9Bordering On Insanity Dog 1Pre Flight
10Asylum Unleashed LunaPre Flight
11Be Right Back GamerPre Flight
12Power Unleashed Dog 3Pre Flight
13Competitive DogSports InkyPre Flight
14Mostly Harmless JonesPre Flight
15Power Unleashed Dog 4Pre Flight
16Be Right Back LucyPre Flight
17No Club Affiliation HyloPre Flight
18Rude Dogs ZonePre Flight
19K9 Wrecking Ballz Got Wood?Chattanooga Chomp LocomotionS4
20Pawbusters IsisPawbusters TropicSingles
21On the FlipSide ChatterBe Right Back Beep!Singles
22Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of FurBordering On Insanity P/US4
23Asylum Unleashed MotoCompetitive DogSports OhnoSingles
24Ruff Position Dog 1Pre Flight
25Mostly Harmless Don't PanicSmashville Speedsters High Stick P/US3
26Be Right Back Rumor Has ItPawbusters Gypsy/VibePR1
27Rude Dogs EnzoCompetitive DogSports RuffianSingles
28Bordering On Insanity May the Schwartz Be With YouJunkyard Dogs P/US3
29K9 Wrecking Ballz Dog 1Pre Flight
30Competitive DogSports CodyMostly Harmless YetiSR1
31Power Unleashed BPower Unleashed AS2
32Be Right Back SadieChattanooga Chomp CasperSingles
33Competitive DogSports RoryCompetitive DogSports ShortySingles
34PawbustersSmashville Speedsters Slap ShotS2
35No Club Affiliation MisfitPre Flight
36K9 Wrecking Ballz AndalePre Flight
37On the FlipSideRude Dogs UP 2020S1
38Glacier Shakers OutlawPre Flight
39Chattanooga Chomp RosiePre Flight
40High Velocity AAsylum Unleashed BlackS1
41Pawbusters Nova/SwindlePawbusters Zeal/RiggsPR1
42Competitive DogSports BradyOn the FlipSide VentiSR1
43Ruff Position Butter ShotsK9 Wrecking Ballz Got Wood?S4
44Bordering On Insanity MadisonPre Flight
45High Velocity JunglePre Flight
46Power Unleashed Dog 1Pre Flight
47No Club Affiliation SkyePre Flight
48Bordering On Insanity Dog 1Pre Flight
49Power Unleashed Dog 2Pre Flight
50Glacier Shakers StaticPre Flight
51Asylum Unleashed LunaPre Flight
52Be Right Back GamerPre Flight
53Competitive DogSports InkyPre Flight
54Power Unleashed Dog 3Pre Flight
55Mostly Harmless JonesPre Flight
56Be Right Back LucyPre Flight
57Power Unleashed Dog 4Pre Flight
58Chattanooga Chomp LocomotionMilwaukee Dogs Great Balls of FurS4
59Pawbusters Nike & CypherRude Dogs Antic/FlarePairs
60Hyper Flight Dog 1Pre Flight
61K9 Wrecking Ballz 11Mostly Harmless Don't PanicS3
62Competitive DogSports EchoRude Dogs VigorSingles
63Asylum Unleashed RedPower Unleashed BS2
64Competitive DogSports Clipper/BugPawbusters Nova/SwindlePR1
65Smashville Speedsters High Stick P/UBordering On Insanity May the Schwartz Be With YouS3
66High Velocity ShudderPre Flight
67Rude Dogs BrazenCompetitive DogSports CodySR1
68Power Unleashed APawbustersS2
69Mostly Harmless YetiCompetitive DogSports BradySR1
70Bordering On Insanity Ludicrous SpeedOn the FlipSideS1
71Pawbusters BZRKPawbusters LaunchSingles
72Rude Dogs UP 2020High Velocity AS1
73Pawbusters Zeal/RiggsBe Right Back Rumor Has ItPR1
74Glacier Shakers OutlawPre Flight
75Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of FurK9 Wrecking Ballz Got Wood?S4
76Pawbusters BoujeeRude Dogs JumpshotSingles
77Bordering On Insanity P/URuff Position Butter ShotsS4
78Be Right Back Beep!Asylum Unleashed MotoSingles
79Rude Dogs BlakelyCompetitive DogSports JakeSingles
80Junkyard Dogs P/UK9 Wrecking Ballz 11S3
81Competitive DogSports OhnoOn the FlipSide ChatterSingles
82Bordering On Insanity May the Schwartz Be With YouMostly Harmless Don't PanicS3
83Pawbusters TropicPawbusters IsisSingles
84Smashville Speedsters Slap ShotAsylum Unleashed RedS2
85On the FlipSide VentiRude Dogs BrazenSR1
86Chattanooga Chomp CasperBe Right Back SadieSingles
87PawbustersPower Unleashed BS2
88Competitive DogSports BradyCompetitive DogSports CodySR1
89Asylum Unleashed BlackBordering On Insanity Ludicrous SpeedS1
90K9 Wrecking Ballz Dog 1Pre Flight
91High Velocity AOn the FlipSideS1
92Pawbusters Gypsy/VibeCompetitive DogSports Clipper/BugPR1
93Chattanooga Chomp RosiePre Flight
94K9 Wrecking Ballz Got Wood?Bordering On Insanity P/US4
95Competitive DogSports ShortyCompetitive DogSports RorySingles
96Be Right Back Rumor Has ItPawbusters Nova/SwindlePR1
97Chattanooga Chomp LocomotionRuff Position Butter ShotsS4
98Competitive DogSports RuffianRude Dogs EnzoSingles
99Smashville Speedsters High Stick P/UK9 Wrecking Ballz 11S3
100Rude Dogs Antic/FlarePawbusters Nike & CypherPairs
101Power Unleashed AAsylum Unleashed RedS2
102Competitive DogSports CodyOn the FlipSide VentiSR1
103Mostly Harmless Don't PanicJunkyard Dogs P/US3
104No Club Affiliation MisfitPre Flight
105Pawbusters Zeal/RiggsCompetitive DogSports Clipper/BugPR1
106Power Unleashed BSmashville Speedsters Slap ShotS2
107Ruff Position Dog 1Pre Flight
108Rude Dogs UP 2020Bordering On Insanity Ludicrous SpeedS1
109Pawbusters Nova/SwindlePawbusters Gypsy/VibePR1
110On the FlipSideAsylum Unleashed BlackS1
111Mostly Harmless YetiRude Dogs BrazenSR1
112K9 Wrecking Ballz AndalePre Flight
113Bordering On Insanity P/UChattanooga Chomp LocomotionS4
114Rude Dogs VigorCompetitive DogSports EchoSingles
115Ruff Position Butter ShotsMilwaukee Dogs Great Balls of FurS4
116High Velocity ShudderPre Flight
117Rude Dogs JumpshotPawbusters BoujeeSingles
118Junkyard Dogs P/USmashville Speedsters High Stick P/US3
119Competitive DogSports JakeRude Dogs BlakelySingles
120K9 Wrecking Ballz 11Bordering On Insanity May the Schwartz Be With YouS3
121Hyper Flight Dog 1Pre Flight
122Asylum Unleashed RedPawbustersS2
123Rude Dogs BrazenCompetitive DogSports BradySR1
124Smashville Speedsters Slap ShotPower Unleashed AS2
125Pawbusters LaunchPawbusters BZRKSingles
126Competitive DogSports Clipper/BugBe Right Back Rumor Has ItPR1
127Bordering On Insanity Ludicrous SpeedHigh Velocity AS1
128On the FlipSide VentiMostly Harmless YetiSR1
129Pawbusters Gypsy/VibePawbusters Zeal/RiggsPR1
130Asylum Unleashed BlackRude Dogs UP 2020S1