Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Watson's FireboltStorm Chasers1
2Lowerdale LunaticsWire Springs6
3Troop of MonkeysStreamlinerz Team Z3
4Ninja WarriorsWatson's Time Turner4
5Pegasus Flight of FurStorm Force4
6Ready4AnythingLowerdale Loony Tunes4
7Delinquent DolphinsCopper Wires3
8Watson's and the MugglesBorder Patrol3
9Roman WarriorsCatch 22 Wirral5
10Devilish DolphinsStorm Warriors5
11LiveWiresWatson's Firebolt1
12Ready2RumbleLowerdale Lunatics6
13Drax Power LinesDynamic Dolphins2
14Wire FlashMuttrageous2
15Watson's Time TurnerPegasus Flight of Fur4
16Ready4AnythingNinja Warriors4
17Lowerdale Loony TunesStorm Force4
18Watson's and the MugglesTroop of Monkeys3
19Border PatrolCopper Wires3
20Streamlinerz Team ZDelinquent Dolphins3
21Watson's Escape from AzkabanRoman Warriors5
22Wire SpringsReady2Rumble6
23Catch 22 WirralDevilish Dolphins5
24Wash Warriors PC1PC
25Storm ChasersLiveWires1
26Watson's Daily ProphetDrax Power Lines2
27Ninja WarriorsPegasus Flight of Fur4
28Dynamic DolphinsWire Flash2
29Lowerdale Loony TunesWatson's Time Turner4
30Storm ForceReady4Anything4
31Troop of MonkeysDelinquent Dolphins3
32Copper WiresWatson's and the Muggles3
33Wash Warriors PC2PC
34Border PatrolStreamlinerz Team Z3
35Storm WarriorsWatson's Escape from Azkaban5
36Devilish DolphinsRoman Warriors5
37Wire SpringsLowerdale Lunatics6
38Storm ChasersWatson's Firebolt1
39Wash Warriors PC1PC
40Pegasus Flight of FurReady4Anything4
41MuttrageousWatson's Daily Prophet2
42Wire FlashDrax Power Lines2
43Ninja WarriorsLowerdale Loony Tunes4
44Watson's Time TurnerStorm Force4
45Troop of MonkeysBorder Patrol3
46Delinquent DolphinsWatson's and the Muggles3
47Wash Warriors PC2PC
48Streamlinerz Team ZCopper Wires3
49Catch 22 WirralWatson's Escape from Azkaban5
50Roman WarriorsStorm Warriors5
51Lowerdale LunaticsReady2Rumble6
52Watson's FireboltLiveWires1
53Drax Power LinesMuttrageous2
54Lowerdale Loony TunesPegasus Flight of Fur4
55Dynamic DolphinsWatson's Daily Prophet2
56Storm ForceNinja Warriors4
57Copper WiresTroop of Monkeys3
58Ready4AnythingWatson's Time Turner4
59Border PatrolDelinquent Dolphins3
60LiveWiresStorm Chasers1
61Watson's and the MugglesStreamlinerz Team Z3
62Wash Warriors PC1PC
63Ready2RumbleWire Springs6
64Watson's Escape from AzkabanDevilish Dolphins5
65Storm WarriorsCatch 22 Wirral5
66Wash Warriors PC2PC
67Watson's Daily ProphetWire Flash2
68MuttrageousDynamic Dolphins2