Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivisionBreakout
1SoCal Frequent Flyers SeraPre Flight
2SD Flyball AeroPre Flight
3Mutts in Motion CrewPre Flight
4Tailspins PiratePre Flight
5Tailspins RocketPre Flight
6Mutts in Motion MuttmosasWicked Team Flyball Wicked Fast3/5S1n/a
7Silver Streaks DynamiteLeap of Faith Flyball Team Unknown3/5S1n/a
8SD Flyball San D DogsSoCal Frequent Flyers Smooth Operators5/5V1n/a
9Woof Gang OutlawsTailspins Tuff Enough3/5S318.00
10Wicked Team Flyball FunsuckersMutts in Motion Muttslides3/5S217.10
11SD Flyball Speed DogsLeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo3/5S318.00
12Silver Streaks NitroSoCal Frequent Flyers Fierce3/5S217.10
13Open SlotCoastal Express Luke and Finn4/4Pairsn/a
14Mutts In Motion MuttaritasSD Flyball Super Dogs5/5S421.00
15SoCal Frequent Flyers FranticAll American Racers You’re So Vain5/5S421.00
16Silver Streaks AkiraPre Flight
17Silver Streaks BuckyPre Flight
18Mutts in Motion PJ'sMutts in Motion Revel & Reign4/4Pairsn/a
19Wicked Team Flyball Wicked FastLeap of Faith Flyball Team Unknown3/5S1n/a
20Mutts in Motion MuttmosasSilver Streaks Dynamite3/5S1n/a
21SoCal Frequent Flyers Smooth OperatorsCoastal Express Non-Stop5/5V1n/a
22Tailspins Tuff EnoughLeap of Faith Flyball Team Mojo3/5S318.00
23Woof Gang OutlawsSD Flyball Speed Dogs3/5S318.00
24Mutts in Motion MuttslidesSoCal Frequent Flyers Fierce3/5S217.10
25Wicked Team Flyball FunsuckersSilver Streaks Nitro3/5S217.10
27Tailspins Ruff & RreadyMutts In Motion Muttaritas5/5S421.00
28SD Flyball Super DogsSoCal Frequent Flyers Frantic5/5S421.00
29Wicked Team Flyball OgrePre Flight
30Wicked Team Flyball PadmePre Flight
31Leap of Faith Flyball Team UnknownMutts in Motion Muttmosas3/5S1n/a
32Coastal Express Non-StopSD Flyball San D Dogs5/5V1n/a
33Wicked Team Flyball Wicked FastSilver Streaks Dynamite3/5S1n/a
34Leap of Faith Flyball Team MojoWoof Gang Outlaws3/5S318.00
35Mutts in Motion KeeganMutts in Motion Sudden4/4Singlesn/a
36Tailspins Tuff EnoughSD Flyball Speed Dogs3/5S318.00
37SoCal Frequent Flyers FierceWicked Team Flyball Funsuckers3/5S217.10
38Mutts in Motion MuttslidesSilver Streaks Nitro3/5S217.10
39SD Flyball FJSD Flyball Dog 14/4Singlesn/a
40All American Racers You’re So VainTailspins Ruff & Rready5/5S421.00
41SoCal Frequent Flyers FranticMutts In Motion Muttaritas5/5S421.00
42Leap of Faith Flyball Team Dog 1Pre Flight
43Leap of Faith Flyball Team Dog 2Pre Flight
44Mutts in Motion CrewPre Flight
45SD Flyball AeroPre Flight
46Silver Streaks AkiraPre Flight
47Silver Streaks BuckyPre Flight
48SoCal Frequent Flyers SeraPre Flight
49#1 Seed#4 Seed3/5S1n/a
50#2 Seed#3 Seed3/5S1n/a
51SoCal Frequent Flyers Smooth OperatorsSD Flyball San D Dogs5/5V1n/a
52Mutts in Motion SuddenALL AMERICAN RACERS Bayly4/4Singlesn/a
53#1 Seed#4 Seed3/5S318.00
54#2 Seed#3 Seed3/5S318.00
55#1 Seed#4 Seed3/5S2n/a
56#2 Seed#3 Seed3/5S2n/a
57Leap of Faith Flyball Team Dog 1Pre Flight
58Leap of Faith Flyball Team Dog 2Pre Flight
59Coastal Express Luke and FinnOpen Slot4/4Pairsn/a
60SD Flyball Super DogsTailspins Ruff & Rready5/5S421.00
61Mutts In Motion MuttaritasAll American Racers You’re So Vain5/5S421.00
62Loser of Race #49Loser of Race #503/5S1n/a
63Coastal Express Non-StopSoCal Frequent Flyers Smooth Operators5/5V1n/a
64ALL AMERICAN RACERS JackMutts in Motion Keegan4/4Singlesn/a
65Loser of Race #53Loser of Race #543/5S318.00
66Loser of Race #55Loser of Race #563/5S2n/a
67Tailspins Ruff & RreadySoCal Frequent Flyers Frantic5/5S421.00
68SD Flyball Dog 1SD Flyball FJ4/4Singlesn/a
69Mutts in Motion Revel & ReignMutts in Motion PJ's4/4Pairsn/a
70Winner of Race #49Winner of Race #503/5S1n/a
71SD Flyball San D DogsCoastal Express Non-Stop5/5V1n/a
72Winner of Race #53Winner of Race #543/5S318.00
73Winner of Race #55Winner of Race #563/5S2n/a
74All American Racers You’re So VainSD Flyball Super Dogs5/5S421.00
75Tailspins PiratePre Flight
76Tailspins RocketPre Flight
77Wicked Team Flyball OgrePre Flight
78Wicked Team Flyball PadmePre Flight