Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
1Saltire RoguesSaltire Swaggers31
2Drax Power RacersDrax Power Runners31
3Star Paws Pavilion5LL
4NoxNox6 minsPC
5TwisterTwister6 minsPC
6Cambridgeshire CaninesKillie Force52
7Pavillion Hounds of LoveThe Flying Scots52
8MacieMacie6 minsPC
9DareDare6 minsPC
10Speyside Copper Dogs 1SCD16 minsPC
11Natural Born KilliesDrax Power Surges53
12NymphadoraNymphadora6 minsPC
13Dundee DynamutzStreamlined to Infinity & Beyond45
14Cambridgeshire CanonsViking Warriors45
15Total EclipseClyde Warriors54
16Dundee 1Dundee 16 minsPC
17Saltire IncasStar Paws36
18Spanish RapidzCambridgeshire Chargers36
19OtisOtis6 minsPC
20Eclipse ChasersLicence to Killie57
21PavillionStar Paws4LL
22VinnieVinnie6 minsPC
23WallaceWallace6 minsPC
24The Flying Scots FidgetsNatural Born Killies53
25Saltires RoguesDrax Power Racers31
26OllyOlly6 minsPC
27Dundee DynamutzPavillion Dogs on the Run45
28Speyside Copper Dogs 2SCD26 minsPC
29OscarOscar6 minsPC
30Saltire SwaggersDrax Power Runners31
31Viking WarriorsThe Flying Scots Toerags45
32Drax Power LinesTotal Eclipse44
33Star PawsSpanish Rapidz36
34Dodgy SaltiresCambridgeshire Canines52
35Killie ForceThe Flying Scots52
36BenjiBenji6 minsPC
37Eclipse ChasersThe Flying Scots Big Yins57
38Star PawsSaltires5LL
39Saltire IncasCambridgeshire Chargers36
40Speyside Copper Dogs 3SCD36 minsPC
41BearBear6 minsPC
42AvaAva6 minsPC
43Drax Power RacersSaltire Rogues31
44MacieMacie6 minsPC
45Streamlined to Infinity & BeyondPavillion Dogs on the Run45
46Drax Power SurgesThe Flying Scots Fidgets43
47Clyde WarriorsTotal Eclipse44
48MossMoss6 minsPC
49The Flying Scots ToeragsCambridgeshire Canons45
50Saltires Star Paws4LL
51MayaMaya6 minsPC
52EllieEllie6 minsPC
53DareDare6 minsPC
54NoxNox6 minsPC
55Speyside Copper Dogs 1SCD16 minsPC
56Star PawsSaltire Incas36
57NymphadoraNymphadora6 minsPC
58TwisterTwister6 minsPC
59Licence to KillieEclipse Chasers47
60Cambridgeshire ChargersSpanish Rapidz36
61Saltires SwaggersSaltire Rogues31
62Drax Power RunnersDrax Power Racers31
63Dundee 1Dundee 16 minsPC
64Viking WarriorsPavillion Dogs on the Run45
65VinnieVinnie6 minsPC
66Natural Born KilliesThe Flying Scots Fidgets43
67Drax Power LinesClyde Warriors54
69WallaceWallace6 minsPC
70OllyOlly6 minsPC
71OtisOtis6 minsPC
72Speyside Copper Dogs 2SPC26 minsPC
73OscarOscar6 minsPC
74Dundee 2Dundee 26 minsPC
75Cambridgeshire CanonsStreamlined to Infinity & Beyond45
76Drax Power RunnersSaltires Rogues31
77The Flying Scots ToeragsDundee Dynamutz45
78Speyside Copper Dogs 3SCD36 minsPC
79Dodgy SaltiresKillie Force52
80Cambridgeshire CaninesPavillion Hounds of Love52
81Spanish RapidzStar Paws36
82The Flying Scots Big YinsLicence to Killie57
83BearBear6 minsPC
84AvaAva6 minsPC
85BenjiBenji6 minsPC
86MayaMaya6 minsPC
87EllieEllie6 minsPC
88MossMoss6 minsPC
89Saltires SwaggersDrax Power Racers31
90TwisterTwister6 minsPC
91NoxNox6 minsPC
93Streamlined to Infinity & BeyondViking Warriors45
94Cambridgeshire CanonsDundee Dynamutz45
95Pavillion Dogs on the RunThe Flying Scots Toerags45
96Clyde WarriorsDrax Power Lines44
97Speyside Copper Dogs 1SPC16 minsPC
98Saltire IncasSpanish Rapidz36
99Licence to KillieThe Flying Scots Big Yins47
100DareDare6 minsPC
101Star PawsCambridgeshire Chargers36
102OtisOtis6 minsPC
103Saltires RoguesDrax Power Runners31
104Dundee 1Dundee 16 minsPC
105Killie ForcePavillion Hounds of Love52
106The Flying ScotsCambridgeshire Canines52
107VinnieVinnie6 minsPC
108NymphadoraNymphadora6 minsPC
109WallaceWallace6 minsPC
110The Flying Scots FidgetsDrax Power Surges53
111OllyOlly6 minsPC
112Dundee DynamutzViking Warriors45
113Pavillion Dogs on the RunCambridgeshire Canons45
114Total EclipseDrax Power Lines54
115The Flying Scots ToeragsStreamlined to Infinity & Beyond45
116Spanish RapidzSaltire Incas36
117Speyside Copper Dogs 2SPC26 minsPC
118Dodgy SaltiresPavillion Hounds of Love52
119Cambridgeshire ChargersStar Paws36
120The Flying Scots Big YinsEclipse Chasers47
121Dundee 2Dundee 26 minsPC
122Drax Power RacersSaltire Swaggers31
123OscarOscar6 minsPC
124BearBear6 minsPC
125Speyside Copper Dogs 3SPC36 minsPC
126Dundee 2Dundee 26 minsPC
127MacieMacie6 minsPC
128AvaAva6 minsPC
129BenjiBenji6 minsPC
130MossMoss6 minsPC
131Cambridgeshire ChargersSaltire Incas36
132Drax Power SurgesNatural Born Killies43
133MayaMaya6 minsPC
134EllieEllie6 minsPC
135The Flying ScotsDodgy Saltires52
136Drax Power RunnersSaltires Swaggers31