Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Cambridgeshire CaninesRamsden Havinaball1
2Sussex HurricanesCambridgeshire Cutlasses2
3Fire RaptorsCambridgeshire Crusaders3
4Ears a FlappinWash Warriors4
5Cambridgeshire ChargersEagles5
6Purple DynamicsSussex Furies5
7EaglesCambridgeshire Chargers5
8Sussex FuriesPurple Dynamics5
10All4One Gone MuttsCambridgeshire Canines1
11Be Back SoonSussex Hurricanes2
12Four in the Fast LaneFire Raptors3
13Norfolk WagtailsEars a Flappin4
14Sussex MerlinsWomballs6
15All4One On the RunBrighton Ballsorts6
16WomballsSussex Merlins6
17Brighton BallsortsAll4One On the Run6
18Ruff DiamondsNorfolkLL
19Cambridgeshire CutlassesBe Back Soon2
20Ramsden HavinaballAll4One Gone Mutts1
21Cambridgeshire CrusadersFour in the Fast Lane3
22Wash WarriorsNorfolk Wagtails4
23EaglesSussex Furies5
24Cambridgeshire ChargersPurple Dynamics5
25Sussex FuriesEagles5
26Purple DynamicsCambridgeshire Chargers5
27All4OneRuff DiamondsLL
28Ramsden HavinaballCambridgeshire Canines1
29Wash WarriorsEars a Flappin4
30Cambridgeshire CrusadersFire Raptors3
31Cambridgeshire CutlassesSussex Hurricanes2
32WomballsBrighton Ballsorts6
33Sussex MerlinsAll4One On the Run6
34Brighton BallsortsWomballs6
35All4One On the RunSussex Merlins6
36All4One NorfolkLL
37Sussex HurricanesBe Back Soon2
38Cambridgeshire CaninesAll4One Gone Mutts1
39Fire RaptorsFour in the Fast Lane3
40Ears a FlappinNorfolk Wagtails4
41Cambridgeshire ChargersSussex Furies5
42Purple DynamicsEagles5
43Sussex FuriesCambridgeshire Chargers5
44EaglesPurple Dynamics5
45NorfolkRuff DiamondsLL
46Be Back SoonCambridgeshire Cutlasses2
47All4One Gone MuttsRamsden Havinaball1
48Four in the Fast LaneCambridgeshire Crusaders3
49Norfolk WagtailsWash Warriors4
50Sussex MerlinsBrighton Ballsorts6
51All4One On the RunWomballs6
52Brighton BallsortsSussex Merlins6
53WomballsAll4One On the Run6
54Ruff DiamondsAll4OneLL