Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
1Harmony MayhemThunder Paws B3/5S4
2TNTSkidmarkz Silent but Deadly3/5S1
3Hawkeye Hustlers LighteningAsylum Unleashed Black3/5S1
4Wagging Tails FlyballSkidmarkz Bring the Noise3/5S3
5Mostly Harmless Heart of GoldAsylum Unleashed Red P/U3/5S3
6Bordering on Insanity ADHDHarmony Flyball Chaos3/5S3
7Skidmarkz Fire in the HoleThunder Paws A3/5S2
8On the Flipside AnthemOn the Flipside Chatter 4/4Singles
9K9 Wrecking Ballz RazeBordering on Insanity OCD3/5S2
10Thunder Paws BMilwaukee Dogs Balls of Fur3/5S4
11Bordering on Insanity SageBordering on Insanity Pulse4/4Singles
12Asylum Unleashed BlackTNT3/5S1
13Bordering on Insanity RushHawkeye Hustlers Lightening3/5S1
14Skidmarkz Larson PreFlight
15Hyper Flight Monster PreFlight
16K9 Wrecking Ballz Dog 2 PreFlight
17Wagging Tails FlyballBordering on Insanity ADHD3/5S3
18Skidmarkz Bring the NoiseAsylum Unleashed Red P/U3/5S3
19Harmony ChaosMostly Harmless Heart of Gold3/5S3
20Thunder Paws ABordering on Insanity OCD3/5S2
21Skidmarkz Fire in the HoleK9 Wrecking Ballz Raze3/5S2
22Thunder Paws BHarmony Mayhem3/5S4
23TNTHawkeye Hustlers Lightening3/5S1
24Skidmarkz Silent but DeadlyBordering on Insanity Rush3/5S1
25Bordering on Insanity Dog 1Bordering on Insanity Dog 24/4Pairs
26Mostly Harmless Saffy PreFlight
27K9 Wrecking Ballz Dog 1 PreFlight
28Bordering on Insanity Synge PreFlight
29Thunder Paws Midwest PreFlight
30Skidmarkz Bring the NoiseHarmony Chaos 3/5S3
31Bordering on Insanity ADHDMostly Harmless Heart of Gold 3/5S3
32Asylum Unleashed Red P/UWagging Tails Flyball3/5S3
33Milwaukee Dogs MollyOn the Flipside Beaver4/4Singles
34Bordering on Insanity OCDSkidmarkz Fire in the Hole3/5S2
35Thunder Paws AK9 Wrecking Ballz Raze3/5S2
36Milwaukee Dogs Balls of FurHarmony Mayhem 3/5S4
37Asylum Unleashed BlackBordering on Insanity Rush 3/5S1
38Hawkeye Hustlers LighteningSkidmarkz Silent but Deadly3/5S1
39Thunder Paws Midwest HenryThunder Paws Sawyer4/4Singles
40Milwaukee Dogs Balls of FurThunder Paws B3/5S4
41Mostly Harmless Heart of GoldWagging Tails Flyball3/5S3
42Harmony ChaosAsylum Unleashed Red P/U3/5S3
43Bordering on Insanity ADHDSkidmarkz Bring the Noise3/5S3
44Skidmarkz Silent but DeadlyAsylum Unleashed Black3/5S1
45Bordering on Insanity RushTNT3/5S1
46Bordering on Insanity PulseMostly Harmless Zeal4/4Singles
47On the Flipside BeaverMilwaukee Dogs Molly4/4Singles
48Thunder Paws ASkidmarkz Fire in the Hole3/5S2
49Harmony MayhemMilwaukee Dogs Balls of Fur3/5S4
50Bordering on Insanity OCDK9 Wrecking Ballz Raze 3/5S2
51On the Flipside ChatterOn the Flipside Anthem 4/4Singles
52Hyper Flight Monster PreFlight
53K9 Wrecking Ballz Dog 2 PreFlight
54Seed #4Seed #5 3/5S1
55Seed #3Seed #2 3/5S1
56Harmony MayhemThunder Paws B3/5S4
57K9 Wrecking Ballz RazeSkidmarkz Fire in the Hole3/5S2
58Bordering on Insanity OCDThunder Paws A3/5S2
59Wagging Tails FlyballHarmony Chaos3/5S3
60Skidmarkz Bring the NoiseMostly Harmless Heart of Gold3/5S3
61Asylum Unleashed Red P/UBordering on Insanity ADHD 3/5S3
62K9 Wrecking Ballz Dog 1 PreFlight
63Bordering on Insanity Synge PreFlight
64Thunder Paws BMilwaukee Dogs Balls of Fur3/5S4
65#1 SeedWinner of Race #553/5S1
66Skidmarkz Fire in the HoleBordering on Insanity OCD 3/5S2
67K9 Wrecking Ballz RazeThunder Paws A 3/5S2
68Mostly Harmless Saffy PreFlight
69Thunder Paws Midwest PreFlight
70Skidmarkz Larson PreFlight
71Bordering on Insanity Dog 2Bordering on Insanity Dog 1 4/4Pairs
72Thunder Paws Midwest SawyerThunder Paws Midwest Henry 4/4Singles
73Mostly Harmless ZealBordering on Insanity Sage 4/4Singles
74Milwaukee Dogs Balls of FurHarmony Mayhem 3/5S4
75Loser of Race #65Loser of Race #56 3/5S1
76Winner of Race #65Winner of Race #56 3/5S1