Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
1All 4 one Ball 4 one ABlockLL
2Purple dynamicsAll 4 one BBlockLL
3All 4 one APurple DynamicsBlockLL
4All 4 One gone muttsFour in the fast lane Block1
5Brighton bansheesBrighton bulletsBlock1
6Four in the fast laneAll 4 one gone muttsBlock1
7Brighton BulletsBrighton BansheesBlock1
8Golden EaglesDynamic dynamitesBlock2
9All 4 one on the runSussex FuriesBlock2
10Dynamic DynamitesGolden EaglesBlock2
11Sussex FuriesAll 4 one on the runBlock2
12Brighton BansheesAll 4 one gone muttsBlock1
13Brighton BulletsFour in the fast lane Block1
14All 4 One gone muttsBrighton BansheesBlock1
15Four in the fast laneBrighton BulletsBlock1
16All 4 one on the runGolden EaglesBlock2
17Sussex FuriesDynamic dynamitesBlock2
18Golden EaglesAll 4 one on the runBlock2
19Dynamic DynamitesSussex FuriesBlock2
20All 4 one Ball 4 one ABlockLL
21Purple dynamicsAll 4 one BBlockLL
22All 4 one APurple DynamicsBlockLL
23Brighton bansheesFour in the fast lane Block1
24All 4 One gone muttsBrighton bulletsBlock1
25Four in the fast laneBrighton BansheesBlock1
26Brighton BulletsAll 4 one gone muttsBlock1
27All 4 one on the runDynamic dynamitesBlock2
28Golden EaglesSussex FuriesBlock2
29Dynamic DynamitesAll 4 one on the runBlock2
30Sussex FuriesGolden EaglesBlock2