Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Psycho KillersScallywags 24
2SydneysidersPaws of Fury4
3Sydney Psycho ManiacsNW Thunderdogs 11-Feb
4Impulse ControlNW Thunderdogs 21-Feb
5NW Thunderdogs 3Scallywag CannonBlast3
6Belconnen Chocolate BulletsPsycho Killers4
7Scallywags 2Sydneysiders4
8Scallywags 3NW Thunderdogs 55
9Sydney Psycho ManiacsNW Thunderdogs 21-Feb
10Impulse ControlNW Thunderdogs 11-Feb
11Star BurstNW Thunderdogs 33
12Paws of FuryBelconnen Chocolate Bullets4
13SydneysidersPsycho Killers4
14Woofers 1Scallywags 35
15Impulse ControlSydney Psycho Maniacs1-Feb
16NW Thunderdogs 1NW Thunderdogs 21-Feb
17Scallywag CannonBlastStar Burst3
18Scallywags 2Belconnen Chocolate Bullets4
19Psycho KillersPaws of Fury4
20NW Thunderdogs 5Woofers 15
21NW Thunderdogs 1Sydney Psycho Maniacs1-Feb
22Scallywag CannonBlastNW Thunderdogs 33
23Belconnen Chocolate BulletsSydneysiders4
24Paws of FuryScallywags 24
25Woofers 1Scallywags 35
26NW Thunderdogs 1Impulse Control1-Feb
27NW Thunderdogs 3Star Burst3
28Scallywags 2Psycho Killers4
29Paws of FurySydneysiders4
30NW Thunderdogs 5Scallywags 35
31NW Thunderdogs 2Sydney Psycho Maniacs1-Feb
32Star BurstScallywag CannonBlast3
33Psycho KillersBelconnen Chocolate Bullets4
34SydneysidersScallywags 24
35Woofers 1NW Thunderdogs 55
36Sydney Psycho ManiacsImpulse Control1-Feb
37NW Thunderdogs 3Scallywag CannonBlast3
38Belconnen Chocolate BulletsPaws of Fury4
39Psycho KillersSydneysiders4
40Scallywags 3NW Thunderdogs 55
41NW Thunderdogs 2NW Thunderdogs 11-Feb
42Star BurstNW Thunderdogs 33
43Belconnen Chocolate BulletsScallywags 24
44Paws of FuryPsycho Killers4
45Scallywags 3Woofers 15
46NW Thunderdogs 2Impulse Control1-Feb
47Scallywag CannonBlastStar Burst3
48Scallywags 2Paws of Fury4
49SydneysidersBelconnen Chocolate Bullets4
50NW Thunderdogs 5Woofers 15