Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Berwick BreezersLoyalists4
2Impulse ControlBelconnen Bullet Train2
3Shooting StarsAwesome All Stars3
4Flyball FanaticsFly'd Over3
5SupersonicsBelconnen Licorice Bullets3
6Shining StarsTassie Flying Devils6
7Airborne HornetsAbsolutely Awesome6
8Psycho KillersFrankston Storm - Tornadoes7
9Fairly FlyingPaws of Fury7
10City SlickersSandy Paws8
11Hot SauceNorwest Thunderdogs 48
12Canberra X FactorTuggeranong Screaming Torpedoes9
13Ballarat Eureka CavalryTurn N Burn9
14Wonder WoodlesBelconnen Rusty Bullets10
15Tassie Flying TigersTuggeranong Launching Torpedos10
16LoyalistsScallywag CannonBlast4
17Norwest Thunderdogs 2Burn N Bolt2
18First KrushAirborne Special Ops2
19Belconnen Bullet TrainBerwick Bladerunners2
20Awesome All StarsFlyball Fanatics3
21Altona ArrowsShooting Stars3
22Tassie Flying DevilsBeach Buddies6
23Shining StarsAbsolutely Awesome6
24Norwest Thunderdogs 1Sydney Psychos1
25Sydney PsychoanalystsNorwest Thunderdogs 35
26Hit N BurnBallarat Eureka Diggers5
27Wonder Woofs XPsycho Killers7
28Frankston Storm - TornadoesFairly Flying7
29Scallywags 3Sandy Paws8
30VipersCity Slickers8
31Canberra X FactorBallarat Eureka Cavalry9
32Tuggeranong Screaming TorpedoesTurn N Burn9
33Wonder WoodlesTassie Flying Tigers10
34Belconnen Rusty BulletsTuggeranong Launching Torpedos10
35Berwick BreezersScallywag CannonBlast4
36Burn N BoltImpulse Control2
37Airborne Special OpsNorwest Thunderdogs 22
38Berwick BladerunnersFirst Krush2
39Shooting StarsFlyball Fanatics3
40Fly'd OverSupersonics3
41Belconnen Licorice BulletsAltona Arrows3
42Beach BuddiesAirborne Hornets6
43Absolutely AwesomeShining Stars6
44Sydney PsychoanalystsHit N Burn5
45Norwest Thunderdogs 3Ballarat Eureka Diggers5
46Sydney PsychosNorwest Thunderdogs 11
47Fairly FlyingPsycho Killers7
48Paws of FuryWonder Woofs X7
49Norwest Thunderdogs 4Scallywags 38
50Sandy PawsVipers8
51Hot SauceCity Slickers8
52Turn N BurnCanberra X Factor9
53Ballarat Eureka CavalryTuggeranong Screaming Torpedoes9
54Scallywag CannonBlastBerwick Breezers4
55Tuggeranong Launching TorpedosWonder Woodles10
56Tassie Flying TigersBelconnen Rusty Bullets10
57Impulse ControlNorwest Thunderdogs 22
58Burn N BoltAirborne Special Ops2
59First KrushBelconnen Bullet Train2
60SupersonicsAwesome All Stars3
61Fly'd OverAltona Arrows3
62Tassie Flying DevilsAirborne Hornets6
63Beach BuddiesAbsolutely Awesome6
64Paws of FuryFrankston Storm - Tornadoes7
65Wonder Woofs XFairly Flying7
66Scallywags 3Hot Sauce8
67Norwest Thunderdogs 1Sydney Psychos1
68Ballarat Eureka DiggersSydney Psychoanalysts5
69Hit N BurnNorwest Thunderdogs 35
70Scallywag CannonBlastLoyalists4
71Norwest Thunderdogs 2Berwick Bladerunners2
72Airborne Special OpsImpulse Control2
73Belconnen Bullet TrainBurn N Bolt2
74Belconnen Rusty BulletsWonder Woodles10
75Tuggeranong Launching TorpedosTassie Flying Tigers10
76Belconnen Licorice BulletsShooting Stars3
77Awesome All StarsFly'd Over3
78Flyball FanaticsSupersonics3
79Sandy PawsNorwest Thunderdogs 48
80VipersScallywags 38
81Tuggeranong Screaming TorpedoesCanberra X Factor9
82Turn N BurnBallarat Eureka Cavalry9
83Airborne HornetsShining Stars6
84Absolutely AwesomeTassie Flying Devils6
85Psycho KillersPaws of Fury7
86Frankston Storm - TornadoesWonder Woofs X7
87LoyalistsBerwick Breezers4
88Sydney PsychosNorwest Thunderdogs 11
89Impulse ControlBerwick Bladerunners2
90Burn N BoltFirst Krush2
91Tassie Flying TigersWonder Woodles10
92Tuggeranong Launching TorpedosBelconnen Rusty Bullets10
93Altona ArrowsSupersonics3
94Fly'd OverBelconnen Licorice Bullets3
95Norwest Thunderdogs 3Sydney Psychoanalysts5
96Ballarat Eureka DiggersHit N Burn5
97Sandy PawsHot Sauce8
98Ballarat Eureka CavalryCanberra X Factor9
99Turn N BurnTuggeranong Screaming Torpedoes9
100Fairly FlyingWonder Woofs X7
101Beach BuddiesTassie Flying Devils6
102Absolutely AwesomeAirborne Hornets6
103Norwest Thunderdogs 4Vipers8
104Scallywags 3City Slickers8
105Scallywag CannonBlastBerwick Breezers4
106Berwick BladerunnersAirborne Special Ops2
107Norwest Thunderdogs 2First Krush2
108Norwest Thunderdogs 1Sydney Psychos1
109Wonder WoodlesTuggeranong Launching Torpedos10
110Belconnen Rusty BulletsTassie Flying Tigers10
111Altona ArrowsAwesome All Stars3
112Belconnen Licorice BulletsFlyball Fanatics3
113SupersonicsShooting Stars3
114Hit N BurnSydney Psychoanalysts5
115Ballarat Eureka DiggersNorwest Thunderdogs 35
116Psycho KillersPaws of Fury7
117Wonder Woofs XFrankston Storm - Tornadoes7
118Canberra X FactorTurn N Burn9
119Shining StarsBeach Buddies6
120Tuggeranong Screaming TorpedoesBallarat Eureka Cavalry9
121VipersHot Sauce8
122City SlickersNorwest Thunderdogs 48
123LoyalistsScallywag CannonBlast4
124Belconnen Bullet TrainNorwest Thunderdogs 22
125First KrushImpulse Control2
126Berwick BladerunnersBurn N Bolt2
127Paws of FuryFrankston Storm - Tornadoes7
128Flyball FanaticsAltona Arrows3
129Awesome All StarsBelconnen Licorice Bullets3
130Shooting StarsFly'd Over3
131Sydney PsychosNorwest Thunderdogs 11
132Tassie Flying DevilsShining Stars6
133Airborne HornetsBeach Buddies6
134Sydney PsychoanalystsBallarat Eureka Diggers5
135Norwest Thunderdogs 3Hit N Burn5
136Belconnen Bullet TrainImpulse Control2
137Sandy PawsCity Slickers8
138Norwest Thunderdogs 4Hot Sauce8
139Psycho KillersFrankston Storm - Tornadoes7
140Fairly FlyingPaws of Fury7
141Canberra X FactorTuggeranong Screaming Torpedoes9
142Ballarat Eureka CavalryTurn N Burn9
143Wonder WoodlesBelconnen Rusty Bullets10
144Tassie Flying TigersTuggeranong Launching Torpedos10
145Awesome All StarsShooting Stars3
146Fly'd OverFlyball Fanatics3
147Belconnen Licorice BulletsSupersonics3
148Berwick BreezersLoyalists4
149Beach BuddiesShining Stars6
150Airborne HornetsTassie Flying Devils6
151Burn N BoltNorwest Thunderdogs 22
152Airborne Special OpsFirst Krush2
153Berwick BladerunnersBelconnen Bullet Train2
154Sydney PsychoanalystsNorwest Thunderdogs 35
155Hit N BurnBallarat Eureka Diggers5