Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamFormatDivision
1Lightning Fizzicals 217qFenland FirestormRR1
2Funky Fidos 285Banbury Cross Paws for Thought 353DRR3
3Nuneaton Flyers 051Solar Flare 420eRR1
4Norfolk Wagtails 335cWaendel RUCKERSRR4
5Whack AttackTrailblazers 436RR3
6Nuneaton Bees 051AExtreme Acceleration 234BRR1
7Solar SunbeamsTrailblazer MisfitsRR7
8Wickford Waggintails 321Funky Fidos 285RR3
9Fenland WildfireExtreme Wipeout 234E RR4
10Waendel RUCKERSLightning Storm 217eRR4
11Norfolk Wagtails 335cMK ENIGMA PAWZ 424ARR4
12Banbury Cross Paws for Thought 353DMidshires Muddy Pups 138aRR3
13Nun but the bestBanbury Cross Houstons RocketsRR7
14Solar Flare 420eLightning Fizzicals 217qRR1
15Fenland FirestormNuneaton Bees 051ARR1
16Extreme Wipeout 234E Waendel RUCKERSRR4
17Trailblazers 436Funky Fidos 285RR3
18Extreme Acceleration 234BNuneaton Flyers 051RR1
19Midshires Muddy Pups 138aWhack AttackRR3
20Nuneaton Owls 051gWickford Waggintails 321RR3
21Solar Activity 420dNorfolk Wagtails 335cRR4
22Lightning Storm 217eMK ENIGMA PAWZ 424ARR4
23Waendel RUCKERSFenland WildfireRR4
24Wickford WalkaboutsSolar SunbeamsRR7
25Trailblazer MisfitsNun but the bestRR7
26Fenland FirestormExtreme Acceleration 234BRR1
27Nuneaton Bees 051ASolar Flare 420eRR1
28Whack AttackFunky Fidos 285RR3
29Lightning Fizzicals 217qNuneaton Flyers 051RR1
31Midshires Muddy Pups 138aWickford Waggintails 321RR3
32Nuneaton Owls 051gTrailblazers 436RR3
33Solar Activity 420dLightning Storm 217eRR4
34Extreme Wipeout 234E Norfolk Wagtails 335cRR4
35Nun but the bestSolar SunbeamsRR7
36MK ENIGMA PAWZ 424AFenland WildfireRR4
37Banbury Cross Houstons RocketsWickford WalkaboutsRR7
38Nuneaton Bees 051ALightning Fizzicals 217qRR1
39Solar Flare 420eExtreme Acceleration 234BRR1
40Nuneaton Flyers 051Fenland FirestormRR1
41Trailblazers 436Banbury Cross Paws for Thought 353DRR3
42Nuneaton Owls 051gWhack AttackRR3
43Funky Fidos 285Midshires Muddy Pups 138aRR3
44Extreme Wipeout 234E Solar Activity 420dRR4
45Lightning Storm 217eFenland WildfireRR4
46Solar SunbeamsBanbury Cross Houstons RocketsRR7
47Banbury Cross Paws for Thought 353DWickford Waggintails 321RR3
48Nuneaton Flyers 051Nuneaton Bees 051ARR1
49Trailblazer MisfitsWickford WalkaboutsRR7
50Extreme Acceleration 234BLightning Fizzicals 217qRR1
51Solar Activity 420dWaendel RUCKERSRR4
52MK ENIGMA PAWZ 424AExtreme Wipeout 234E RR4
53Wickford Waggintails 321Trailblazers 436RR3
54Banbury Cross Paws for Thought 353DNuneaton Owls 051gRR3
55Norfolk Wagtails 335cLightning Storm 217eRR4
56Wickford WalkaboutsNun but the bestRR7
57Banbury Cross Houstons RocketsTrailblazer MisfitsRR7
58Fenland WildfireSolar Activity 420dRR4
59Trailblazers 436Midshires Muddy Pups 138aRR3
60Funky Fidos 285Nuneaton Owls 051gRR3
61Wickford Waggintails 321Whack AttackRR3
62Fenland FirestormSolar Flare 420eRR1
63Lightning Storm 217eExtreme Wipeout 234E RR4
64MK ENIGMA PAWZ 424ASolar Activity 420dRR4
65Fenland WildfireNorfolk Wagtails 335cRR4
66Midshires Muddy Pups 138aNuneaton Owls 051gRR3
67Whack AttackBanbury Cross Paws for Thought 353DRR3