Race Schedule

RaceLeft TeamRight TeamDivision
1Focus Intermediates Ace to be4
2High Flyers IntermediatesTNT Wrecking Balls4
3Focus PatchworkGeordie Mixups2
4TNT FlamethrowersAces High Shuffle1
5High Flyers MultiplyHigh Flyers Danger Zone1
6RPM In a SpinWhat a Carry On2
7Funky freestylers Northdene's Terminal Velocity2
8Geordie Tutti FruttiFocus Clowns3
9Carry On CocktailExtremely Disturbed 3
10TNT Wrecking BallsHoway the Geordies4
11Ace to beHigh Flyers Intermediates4
12Funky Fairies Focus Intermediates 4
13Aces High ShuffleHigh Flyers Multiply1
14Focus Loonies TNT Flamethrowers1
15Geordie MixupsRPM In a Spin2
16Funky freestylers Focus Patchwork2
17Northdene's Terminal VelocityWhat a Carry On2
18Phantom Fusion Geordie Tutti Frutti3
19Focus ClownsCarry On Cocktail3
20Howay the GeordiesAce to be4
21Funky Fairies TNT Wrecking Balls4
22Focus Intermediates High Flyers Intermediates4
23RPM In a SpinFunky freestylers 2
24High Flyers Danger ZoneFocus Loonies 1
25Northdene's Terminal VelocityGeordie Mixups2
26Extremely Disturbed Phantom Fusion 3
27Carry On CocktailGeordie Tutti Frutti3
28TNT Wrecking BallsAce to be4
29High Flyers IntermediatesFunky Fairies 4
30Focus Intermediates Howay the Geordies4
31TNT FlamethrowersHigh Flyers Danger Zone1
32Focus PatchworkNorthdene's Terminal Velocity2
33What a Carry OnFunky freestylers 2
34Aces High ShuffleFocus Loonies 1
35Geordie Tutti FruttiExtremely Disturbed 3
36Focus ClownsPhantom Fusion 3
37Ace to beFunky Fairies 4
38High Flyers MultiplyTNT Flamethrowers1
39Focus PatchworkRPM In a Spin2
40Geordie MixupsWhat a Carry On2
41TNT Wrecking BallsFocus Intermediates 4
42Howay the GeordiesHigh Flyers Intermediates4
43Phantom Fusion Carry On Cocktail3
44High Flyers Danger ZoneAces High Shuffle1
45Extremely Disturbed Focus Clowns3
46Northdene's Terminal VelocityRPM In a Spin2
47Funky freestylers Geordie Mixups2
48What a Carry OnFocus Patchwork2
49Funky Fairies Howay the Geordies4
50Focus Loonies High Flyers Multiply1