Awards right after racing ends - across from the pit boss area.

Currently Racing: M1 1
Dixie Flyers WingNuts Vs. Dixie Flyers Crash Landing
On Deck: M1 2
Outrun We Are Family Vs. Happily Evfur After HEA The End
In Hole: M1 3
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Running Wild Vs. On the Flipside FLIPSIDE Multicultural
Currently Racing: O5 7
A.R.F.F. Muttley Crew Vs. Canine Dirt Diggers Quicksand
On Deck: O3 8
Animal Inn Hawk Vs. New River Rapids Without A Paddle
In Hole: O3 9
Omaha Speedracers StaffiePower Vs. All Revd Up Afterburner
Currently Racing: R3 4
Rabid Fire Pyromaniacs Vs. BC Boomerangs BASH
On Deck: R3 5
Good2Go Flyball Shoe Smugglers Vs. Rocket City Racers - Cosmic Strays
In Hole: O5 6
Fur in a Blur Zirocco Vs. Revolution Flyball Splinter Cell
Currently Racing: R5 10
Alamo Racing Canines Don't Mess With Texas Vs. ***BYE***
On Deck: R5 11
Long Island Road Rage Nonstop Vs. Happy Hurdlers Skip
In Hole: O1 12
PSF Next of Kin Vs. Skidmarkz Tail Wind
Last update:2018-10-12 17:34:56